susane colasanti, author of city love

Shiny new author photos for my upcoming City Love trilogy are in the house!

Susane Colasanti

Jayd Jackson is a phenomenal photographer. Like, seriously the best. She shot a few of my book covers and now takes my author photos. Usually you have to take about 300 photos of me to get a halfway decent one. Not Jayd. She magically makes me look like I clean up way better than I do.

Susane Colasanti

After I saw these City Love author photos, I was pretty much blown away. Jayd’s use of natural lighting and mad profesh camera skills meant that I had photos I actually liked. Which, for me, never happened before I started working with her. If you’re looking for a photographer, Jayd is your girl.

Susane Colasanti

Here’s the thing. Jayd’s photos are so fun and colorful that I’d love for them to show up in Google image searches. But you can’t just submit images to Google. You have to post them on a website and hope they eventually show up. So instead of just raving about Jayd, I’m posting her photos here so that they have a chance of showing up. Please forgive this annoying post with all the large photos!

Susane Colasanti

Okay, that’s it. Thanks for tolerating all the pics. It will be funny ten years from now when image searches are way easier and we’ll laugh about how clunky technology was back in the day. Cheers to progress!

11 thoughts on “susane colasanti, author of city love

  1. Your hair alone deserves its own photographer and that dress is adorable! You always look so dazzling in your photos, just like your personality. It shines through.

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