now and forever pre-ordering

Only one month to go until Now and Forever is released!

Time to bust out the swag.

Now and Forever by Susane Colasanti guitar picks

Books of Wonder is giving away a Now and Forever guitar pick with any pre-order of the book. All pre-ordered books will be signed. What I love most about these guitar picks (other than their vintage rock star look) is that they’re drilled with holes to wear on a necklace. That’s hot. I’m wearing mine on a ball chain.

You can pre-order your signed copy and swaggy guitar pick here.

Want to find out more about Now and Forever? The synopsis is here. And you can read the first four chapters of Now and Forever here.


2 thoughts on “now and forever pre-ordering

  1. This is so cool! I’ll definitely try to pre-order a copy. 🙂
    Also cool/exciting: I finally got to see the High Line, and it was just as amazing as it sounded when I read So Much Closer! I couldn’t stop thinking of John and Brooke.


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