harriet the spy

Happy 50th Anniversary to my most beloved middle grade book, Harriet the Spy!

Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh, 50th Anniversary edition

I was obsessed with this book in 4th grade. So obsessed that I had my own spy route. My spy route came complete with a spy outfit, mainly consisting of a fanny pack containing a flashlight, pen, and lipstick (my disguise). My spy notebook was a marbled black-and-white composition notebook just like Harriet’s. Occasionally when there was a snack available, I even had a snack before my spy route just like Harriet did (Entenmann’s marble cake with milk). My BFF and I developed our own spy code. We even had spy code names. Mine was H.5K-21½Q-3. Each part of that code had epic meaning at the time.

A spy route is not the easiest thing to pull off when you live in Middle of Nowhere, NJ. The houses in my area were really far apart. People tend to see you coming when you’re dashing across their huge front lawn with no cover. But I did not care. I wanted to be like Harriet. And if I got caught in the process, I would maintain my dignity just as Harriet would.

I read Harriet the Spy so many times my book fell apart. The thought of never hearing about Harriet and her world ever again was unbearable. Which is why I busted out the most spastic happy dance ever when I discovered The Long Secret. Sequel heaven up in Water Mill, yo!

The Long Secret by Louise Fitzhugh

Happy big five-oh, HMW. Catch you on the Upper West.

4 thoughts on “harriet the spy

  1. I own this book, but have never read it. I know, I know, I must rectify this immediately! I plan to buy the 50th edition because it contains so many goodies, one of which is a tribute by Meg Cabot, one of my fave authors.

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