scrapbooking frenzy

You know that upcoming trilogy I’m writing? Well, I’ve turned in the first draft of book one. Which means I have a few days off. When was the last time I had a few days off? I mean real days off, without a schedule to follow and laundry to do and errands to run and racing with the clock? A few days restricted to only fun activities?

I can’t even remember.

So I’m taking these days. A few days to do the things I love. One of my fave activities is archival scrapbooking. I became obsessed with scrapbooking after my Gram died. I was going through her things and discovered that she hardly had any photos of herself. There weren’t many tangible pieces of her history left behind. That’s when I decided I was going to document my life.

Here’s my current scrapbook:

Susane Colasanti's scrapbook, Summer 2008


Right now I’m finishing up some older pages (like this layout from Summer 2008). Then I’ll be designing and creating pages for a pile of memorabilia that’s been collecting over the last couple of years. After I’m done with this scrapbook, I’m moving on to Smash Books. I already have a heap of Smash Books and adorable paraphernalia ready to roll.

So yeah. The scrapbooking frenzy is on. Wishing you a weekend filled with creative energy!

2 thoughts on “scrapbooking frenzy

  1. You’re so creative! I’ve never been into scrapbooking, but in the past, I would collect articles and pinups from magazines of celebrities that I like and keep them in a binder.

    I can’t wait to read Now and Forever and your new series! Will the three books in the series come out every year around the same time?

    • I totally had binders like yours back in the day! And of course those magazine pics all over my walls.

      Yes, I believe the plan is to have each book in the CITY LOVE series be released around the same time each year. My books up until now have all been released in May. Let’s see which month my new publisher feels is best!


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