Happy 11.12.13! This is an auspicious day to start making that change you’ve been wanting to make for a long time. You know the one, friendly neighbor. Let today be the first day of shaping your life into the best version of itself.

Speaking of epic days, World Kindness Day is tomorrow, November 13. World Kindness Day encourages altruistic acts of kindness. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has listed 332 ideas for how you can change the world with one simple act of kindness. I’m down with the helping someone for free idea. But that might be more selfish than altruistic, given my obsession for closet organization.

And speaking of epic! Guess who I ran into on the street recently?

Susane Colasanti with vintage friendly neighbors

Here I am with Jeremy and Stephanie. Who are Jeremy and Stephanie? Oh, only students I had back when I was a teacher. Ten and eight years ago, respectively. Check it: Right after Jeremy came up to me and we were standing there talking on the corner of 37th and Auspicious Avenue, Stephanie came up to me.

Stephanie: Hey, Ms. Colasanti! Do you remember me?
Me: Oh my god! This is so cool.
Stephanie: [not really noticing Jeremy]
Me: Are you guys together?
Jeremy & Stephanie: No.
Me: Wait. You guys aren’t together?
Jeremy & Stephanie: [shaking heads]
Me: Dude. Epic non-coincidence!

See, the probability of running into one of my old students is low to begin with. Especially considering that I resigned from teaching almost seven years ago. But the probability of running into two of my old students at the same time? The probability of that calculates to approximately .0000001, which is essentially zero.

Which qualifies as a huge non-coincidence.

What is a non-coincidence? A non-coincidence is my own term for an event that is too magical to be merely random. As yogi master David Life said, “If you believe in coincidence, you aren’t paying attention.” Because everything happens for a reason. Everything is connected. The more attuned you are to universal energy, the more in touch you are with yourself and the world around you, the more non-coincidences you will be open to experience.

The epic non-coincidence of running into Jeremy and Stephanie wouldn’t have happened if my energy was negative. If I was looking down or rushing or in a bad mood or blocking myself out with earbuds or a screen, they probably wouldn’t even have seen me. When we choose to radiate positive energy, we welcome positive energy right back. That is the essence of karma. And karma brings non-coincidences.

Non-coincidences are abundant if you are open to the energy. You can sometimes even anticipate them. For example, when I came back to my apartment last year after Hurricane Sandy left downtown Manhattan without power for four days and I camped out at my friends’ place on the Upper West like the lower Manhattan refugee I was, everything was still dark and cold. I climbed up to my apartment through the darkness, wrapped myself in a blanket, sat in my desk chair in front of my window wall, and played Empire State of MInd on my iPod. I had a Knowing that right when Alicia first sang “New York,” the power would come on.

And guess what? That’s exactly when the power came on.

The dark windows and streetlights and neon signs I was watching all blinked on in that powerful moment. Which made me feel better about all the food I had to throw out.

Enjoy 11.12.13. Enjoy World Kindness Day. And enjoy knowing that you have the power to shape your life and make the world a better place. Here’s to epic non-coincidences for everyone!

2 thoughts on “non-coincidence

  1. I’ve always believed that positive energy brings positive things into one’s life. If you give to the universe, the universe will give back to you. 🙂

    Do you believe that positivity can help with sickness? I believe it to some extent but it is hard to stay positive when you are continuously suffering. I’ve been suffering with Endometriosis for a whole year now and I am only 17! Doctors say I might have to have a hysterectomy before I even reach my 20th birthday. My family and I have been very positive throughout this entire experience but I continue to suffer. What do you think we should do to put more positive energy out into the universe? I really want to get better but I feel as if the universe is out to get me.

    • I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with such a painful condition. Especially at 17. Your youth is an advantage in that your body is resilient and will heal quickly when you can finally recover. But then there’s the possibility of a hysterectomy, which no teen should have to deal with.

      2011-2012 was a horrible time for me. I was suffering in much the same way you are. I had a uterine fibroid that was making my life a nightmare. The pain and bleeding were so heinous that I couldn’t even leave my apartment some days, let alone sit up in my chair to write. I was writing All I Need at the time (or trying to, lopsided). Writing a super romantic book while living in pain every single day was not fun times! I had surgery at the end of 2011 that didn’t work. Fortunately I found the best surgeon in the world after that. My surgery on April 12, 2012 was successful. She removed the fibroid and I have been excellent ever since.

      How can things like this happen to positive people? A positive outlook on life can’t entirely prevent disaster. But it does help us deal with health issues and other badness in a way that encourages healing. Keep putting out positive energy into the Universe. The positive energy you radiate WILL bring goodness into your life. During my fibroid nightmare, I found my new home and planned a gut renovation. I’d been searching for an apartment to buy for three years. I found it in January, closed on April 9, and had surgery on April 12. By the time I recovered, my whole life had turned around.

      Positive energy will also help restore your health. Studies have shown that positive people with solid support systems (as you have with your family) are healthier and heal from disease at a faster rate than people with a negative, angry perspective on the situation. I know how hard it is to be positive every day. Most days of my fibroid nightmare started with me crying in the bathroom. It was a horribly depressing time. Despite being depressed and feeling like the pain would never end, I encouraged myself to stay positive. I kept hope alive that my nightmare would end. It did end. And so will yours.

      Please keep me posted! Sending you healing energy…

      Stay strong ❤


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