Remember those Halloween nights trick-or-treating when it was so freaking cold you had to wear your coat over your costume? Which totally sucked because then no one could see what you were?

Yeah. This Halloween was the opposite of that.

Breaking Bad, Halloween 2013

When Matt told me he wanted to go as Walter White, I faced a conundrum. Breaking Bad is one of the best shows in the history of TV. We freaking love it. So that wasn’t the conflicting part. The problem I had to solve was this: What could I be to go with Walter White? We talked about me going as Catwoman, but WW and Catwoman? Lame. I’d waited too long to find my BF/soul mate to go as separate things. We were going to match. And we were going to be fabulous.

Three Halloween stores, one Ricky’s, and six hours of work later, I created the ultimate match for Walter White: Crystal, his blue meth. Like it says on my bling.

Did we just costume up and go out? No, we did not. We walked in the Village Halloween Parade! Walking in the parade is something I’ve always wanted to do. But I could never think of costumes good enough and/or no one wanted to go with me. This year my dream finally came true. Along with a lot of other dreams. 2013 is our shiny new year and it’s been even more phenomenal than I visualized.Β At this time last year, I was searching for Matt. I had a Knowing I would find him in 2013. And on January 11, 2013, we met. It was like the Universe couldn’t wait to bring us together.

This is the time to start visualizing your shiny new year of 2014. Anything you want to accomplish, find, create, experience, share – just put it all out there. The Universe opens doors for everyone who radiates positive energy. No dream is too big or too small to manifest. So put visions of your ideal life out there…and get ready for your shiny new year!

6 thoughts on “crystal

  1. Your costume is gorgeous, Susane! I was T-Swift cause she’s my girl and I just got my hair cut like hers. Thanks for this advice! You always seem to say these inspirational things when I need them most. I’m dying to hear what adorable way you and Matt met. I have a feeling it was magical!

    • Walking in the parade was so much fun! I was surprised by how many people wanted pictures of us. And the weather was perfect. The Universe has definitely been on our side for our shiny new year πŸ™‚


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