now and forever cover reveal

As an author, there are certain days every year I look forward to the most. Pub day. Book tours. Any opportunity to meet readers. And the day when I get to share the cover of my new book.

Today is that day.

A team of fabulous designers has been working on the cover of my new book, Now and Forever, for a while now. I’m beyond ecstatic to finally be able to share it with you!

Now and Forever by Susane Colasanti

Here’s the synopsis:


What if your boyfriend was the world’s biggest rock star?

Sterling is crazy in love with Ethan. Not only is he the sweetest boy she’s ever met, but he’s an incredibly talented guitarist, singer, and songwriter. And since forever, he’s believed he has what it takes to be a star.

When Ethan becomes an overnight sensation, he’s thrown head-first into the glam world of celebrity—and so is Sterling. Before she knows it, she’s attending red-carpet premieres, getting free designer clothes, and flying around the country to attend Ethan’s monumental sold-out concerts.

It’s a dream come true…but whose dream is Sterling living? And what do you do when “forever” comes to an end?


Now and Forever will be released on May 20, 2014.

One of my biggest teen fantasies was that my boyfriend was the world’s biggest rock star. So I decided to bring that fantasy to life with Now and Forever. I hope you’ll enjoy the excitement, intense chemistry, and crazy drama this book brings. Rock on, friendly neighbors!

69 thoughts on “now and forever cover reveal

  1. Love the cover! Love the synopsis! I want a rock star boyfriend! Wait… I’m 45 and been married for 20 years, so I don’t think that is going to happen. I’ll just pout until this book comes out and I can read it and dream. Can’t wait!

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  3. I’ve been so excited for this book ever since you mentioned it last time you were at RJs in CT! It sounded great then, and the cover looks awesome! Can’t wait for May 20th ^_^

  4. I loved the cover! I’m from Brazil and i think you write the most adorable books of the entire world. I can’t wait to read “Now and Forever”!!! I think i’m gonna love Ethan, i just think.<3

  5. Keep Holding On has always been my favorite cover but Now and Forever just became my second favorite. It is so cute! I can’t wait to read it!

  6. I cannot wait to see the color scheme on the candy stripe spine 🙂 your books bring the life to my bookshelf! Oh, and I also am excited to read it ❤

  7. OMG!! The cover is amazing!! Can’t wait for new books from you! XD I KNEW IT! It’s the same Sterling from Waiting For You!

  8. SUSANEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay, I’ll quit the fangirling.

    But really, I love the synopsis. Having a rockstar BF never gets old, I swear. I’m newly 18, and still searching for my rockstar. I love the cover.
    Seriously, your stories can make anybody fall in love.

    You should be a God or something.
    Waiting for 2014 already! (even though it means getting older).

  9. Ah, the cover is perfect! I can’t wait to read and review this on my blog next year. May is sooo far away, but I can’t wait for a new story to delve into, because this one looks as amazing as the others! 🙂
    XO Becca (from: Pretty Little Memoirs; a YA Book Blog)

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  11. I cannot wait for your new book to come out! I am 18 and freshman in college and reading your books makes me think maybe I can meet my “prince charming” one day walking on campus, well one can only hope!

  12. I can’t wait to read your book! I have read all your novels and am hooked! I will be on countdown until May 20th!! The summary sounds awesome and sounds like your best book yet!

  13. Thanks so much. First author ever I’ve ever enjoyed reading and read more than one book of. Read one book in three days lol. Obsessed haha

  14. I’ve read all your books and I can’t wait till Now and Forever comes out! I used to read like crazy and then I just quit reading and in 7th grade I started reading again and after I read one of
    your books I couldn’t stop reading. Therefore, I read all of your books, taking me 3-5 days to read one (I couldn’t put them down) Lol. So, I just want to thank you for getting me interested in reading again (: Thank you!!

  15. OMG I can’t wait to read Now & Forever because I have read all of your other seven fabulous books plus I even own them! I love how you are connecting characters from previous books of yours like Sterling. You are just blowing my MIND!!! (Of course in a good way!) I never used to like to read that much until I read your books, now I’m like a total bookworm!

    • Dude, you freaking rule for noticing about the intertwining characters thing! My goal is to build up to something big by connecting my books. Let’s see how it goes…

      Thank you for being such a dedicated reader. I really appreciate it. And yay that you love reading! That is the best news ever ❤

      • P.S. You rule for responding back to posts on your blog. It’s amazing that you connect back to your readers! I was literally smiling like crazy and laughing uncontrollably when I read your reply out of excitement. I would love to see how all of your characters relate later on, you always make them sound so real. I especially want to know how Tobey and Sara are doing! I’m currently re-rereading When It Happens (my fave out of them all).

        • My readers are rock stars in my eyes! You are why I write. You make this life possible. I am eternally thankful to everyone who reads my books. So connecting to you is really important to me. Thanks for everything. xoxo

  16. I just went and bought when it happens and I asked if they had your new one now and forever and they don’t. So just wondering if it’s in Canada yet?


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