freaks and geeks fans only

If you’re like me, it hurts like crazy when one of your fave shows ends. Like someone ripped out your heart, stomped on it a zillion times, and stuffed it back inside your chest with twigs and dirt all over it. That’s how it felt when the final ep of Freaks and Geeks was over. How could such a brilliant show only be on for one season? But I’ve ranted about that injustice more than once.

Time to move on.

What would have happened to Lindsay Weir in Season Two? And beyond? This question will burn forever in the mind of any true Freaks and Geeks fan. Here’s the good news: Now you can decide Lindsay’s fate. Some freaking awesome geeks developed an interactive game to show you the way. The big question will still be burning, but this game brings the inferno down to more of a smoldering ember. Have fun on the smoking patio!

8 thoughts on “freaks and geeks fans only

  1. Freaks and Geeks = one of my all-time favorite shows. It’s up there with Friday Night Lights. I loved My So-Called Life, too. I was the same age as Angela Chase when the show aired, so I felt an extra special connection to the show.

      • Shout! Factory did a great job with MSCL’s DVD box set. Their Freaks and Geeks yearbook edition DVD is pretty excellent, too. I think I’ll bring it with me to this James Franco book event I’ll be attending later this month and see if he’ll sign it. So far, I’ve gotten Paul Feig to sign it.


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