classic pooh rules

TGIM! This week’s summer book giveaway is coming at you in the form of a contest. The prize is your choice of any of my books, signed to you. You must answer this question correctly to be entered to win:

Name one character from a previous book who appears in All I Need.

There are actually two. The first name of one of these characters is fine. To enter, email your answer and mailing address to me at susanecolasanti at gmail by August 25 at 11:11pm. Only one entry per person is allowed. One winner will be selected from the eligible entries. This contest is international.

Speaking of international, there was a very European-looking boy on the subway the other day. I love European tourists. They have the most eclectic sneakers. Their outfits are super cute. This boy was around 20 years old. He was rocking a red, white, and blue ensemble that looked really comfortable. I was reading and he was standing across from me and I noticed the cutest tattoo I’ve ever seen. Like, ever. He got out at my stop. So of course I went up to him and asked if I could document his ink. Does that make me a creeper? Maybe. But there’s no way I could pass up the chance to share this with you guys:

Classic Winnie-the-Pooh tattoo

Classic Pooh rules. He is old-school in the best possible way. That tat is so adorbs it almost makes me want to get one. My BF/soul mate and I have talked about getting yin-yang symbols. But I would never make such a serious decision in the lazy days of August. I’ve been reading on his sundeck almost every sunny morning. Without becoming a sweaty hot mess by noon. How is that possible when it should be scorching right now? Read on.

August in New York is usually not the most refreshing time. A typical New York August is so hot and humid that those of us still here have the city to ourselves. Which is awesome in its own way. No lines at the post office. Getting a table for brunch at Friend of a Farmer right away. Sailing through Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods without bumping at least three other people with your basket. What’s even better about this August is how gorgeous it’s been. Much cooler and drier than usual. We had an August like this five years ago. I documented it on my blog because no one ever remembers it. I’m like, “Remember August 2008? Cool summer breezes. Perfect sunny days in the 70s. Everyone wasn’t a sweaty hot mess after walking only five blocks. Remember?” And people are all, “Um, no. I think you’re confused with October.”

For the record, I am not confused. There were only two hot and humid days that August. The rest of the time was bliss. I’m so thankful for this other blissful August five years later. I just knew it would come around again. The best kind of full-circle moment.

Enjoy the cool summer breeze, friendly neighbors!

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