they are real

Hot enough for you? There’s nothing like a sustained heat wave to make even the smallest errand horrific. Was that me drenched in sweat after walking around the corner for an Italian ice? Then coping with a completely melted Italian ice before I could take three bites? Sure was.

But this weekend was actually cool. I was visiting some old friends in Philly. Getting caught in a downpour followed by hours in air conditioning with wet clothes does wonders to cool you off. Something else cool? Was reuniting with this building on South Street:

Tile mosaic on South Street, Philadelphia

Those of you who’ve read All I Need may recall the scene where Skye is visiting Seth at Penn and they’re walking around Center City and he shows her this building covered with tiles. Those tiles are real. They extend all the way into the courtyard:

Tile mosaic on South Street, Philadelphia

Are there other actual places in All I Need? Of course. I love including real locations in my books. I’m all about realistic fiction. Including real places helps to make my stories feel more authentic. A few of the Philly places mentioned no longer exist, though. But I adored them when I lived in Philly while I was at Penn.

There was this place called Phantom Fountain on 21st and Pine that was magnificent. It was an old-school soda fountain with a preserved counter and original stools and those vintage blenders and milkshake cups. That’s where Seth works in the book. Diner on the Square will also live on in my heart. My friend Jim and I had brunch there almost every Sunday. We called it sun brun. We invented abbreve. You know how everything is all fro-yo and apps and vacays now? Yeah. We invented that language. We talked in abbreve every sun brun way before abbreve was a thing. Jim is convinced that there were spies at Diner on the Square who blew up abbreve into standard hipster speak. Guess I missed the part where they gave us credit.

A visit to Philly wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the Rittenhouse Square Barnes & Noble. I used to go there all the time in college back when it was a different bookstore. So finding some of my books to sign was another full-circle moment:

Susane Colasanti at Barnes & Noble, Philadelphia

There have been a lot of full-circle moments lately. Mainly because of my BF/soul mate. We’re connected in tons of non-coincidental ways. Like how we grew up 10 miles from each other in Middle of Nowhere, New Jersey. We didn’t meet as teens. He’s two years older than me and we went to different high schools. The Universe brought us together when it was time. I’ll be telling you more about him soon. For now, just know how thankful I am that Matt makes everything in my life better. He’s my #1 fan. He even stickered the books after I signed them:

BF/soul mate in action

How cute is he? When readers tell me that All I Need made them believe in the possibility of true love, I let them know that soul mates are real. And just like those tiles, they can be found around any corner. Keep your heart open. And keep looking up.

Stay cool, friendly neighbors.

15 thoughts on “they are real

  1. Oh my gosh- the tiled building is actually part of an art museum and a dual-level all-mosaic area with cool walkways! It’s called Magic Gardens; it’s totally amazing! I highly reccomend checking it out next time you are in the area. Hearing that it is mentioned in All I Need is so exciting- one more reason to read the book; I can’t wait!

  2. This blog post gave me hope. In the past 3 or so months 2 seperate people have walked up to me and said that my ex boyfriend and his family say hi. I actually think its more of the parents / adults because I haven’t talked to Taylor in over a year. I LOVED his family and him of course and I miss them all in a way that is hard to explain. I try to tell myself thats its a good thing when the parents / adults in the family like you. In fact when I ran into Taylor’s cousin at school one day and she told me that I’m the family’s favorite ex girlfriend. I hope thats a good thing because I haven’t had another relationship since and alot of it has to do with confidence issues and the fact that most of the boys I hung out with last year weren’t interested or if they were I turned them down because I know I’m not ready for a fast moving relationship. I want to be comfortable with the person I could potentially date. I know from my experience with Taylor that it is important to have things in common. And I need to give myself a chance before I can expect someone to give me a chance at love. I just hope it happens someday!

  3. Great post. I knew some locations sounded fairly familiar. I love how your books are relatable (and realistic location wise and content wise) Keep up the amazing work.

  4. It’s so exciting to see you post about Philly (it’s the closest big city to me) and to hear that you went to Penn! I just visited for a college visit and I always assumed it was beyond my reach, but I’m considering applying. The campus was so great and they have an AWESOME business program, which is what I am considering majoring in. Any input about what you love about Penn so much, or what made you decide to go there? 🙂

    • Wharton really is the best business school. You should def apply. And you’re right about Penn’s campus being amazing. It’s like this magical, leafy enclave surrounded by a busy city.

      I wanted to go to the best possible college. Receiving a quality education was important to me. Although I graduated with $70K in student loan debt, I knew that an Ivy education was priceless. Absolutely worth every penny. Good luck!

  5. Matt is definitely oh so adorable! I love that you have so much good happening in your life because I’m at a turning point in mine. But reading your posts and your positivity gives me more hope than I could ever put into words about my own future. I really don’t have a strong support system, but I’m grateful I’ve found you. Thank you Susane!


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