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So the past three weeks have been a whirlwind. Which is always how it goes when I have a new book come out. Events and traveling and seven-hour days on trains and lots of promotional stuff and the whole time being on deadline. Because of course I had a revision due while everything else was going on. Stick that in the Of Course file along with this: As soon as the whirlwind died down and I was back to my normal routine, I was smacked down with a nasty cold. Which was just like when I was a camp counselor. The day I got back home from camp, I would usually get sick. It’s like my body was so used to being on gogogo! mode 24/7 at camp that my resistance totally broke down the second I relaxed.

Not that this temporary discomfort can harsh my mellow. First of all, I had a blast at BEA. Thanks to everyone who came out to get copies of All I Need signed. Luckily there was no one scheduled after me, so I was able to stay late and sign everyone’s books. But my BEA signing wasn’t the only thing I was looking forward to. That night was the most fabulous YA author/blogger rooftop party in the history of awesome. I had been counting down the days since last year’s rooftop party. The incredible Liza Wiemer of WhoRuBlog hosted yet another Best Party Ever (I love you, Liza!!!). She even let my BF/soul mate come with me. Here I am with Elizabeth Eulberg and Matt on the exclusive rooftop:

Elizabeth Eulberg and Susane Colasanti

The view was spectacular. The refreshments were delicious. Even the glow rings and other fun accessories were perfect. And there was magic! Shout-out to Austin for a super fun magic show. You are going places, my friend. As if we didn’t have enough fun at the epic party, Elizabeth, Matt and I went to Paul McCartney’s concert last night. Elizabeth and I saw Sir Paul two summers ago. Just like last time, I was beyond amazed. No maybe about it.

Another highlight of BEA? Chilling with Sarah Dessen and David Levithan at Penguin’s Top of the Standard party:

Sarah Dessen, David Levithan, Susane Colasanti

Events like these are always super fun. But the best part of a new book release? Is getting to meet readers, librarians, teachers, and other friendly neighbors who are so passionate about books. Your support means more to me than you will ever know. You make this life possible. Thanks to all of you read All I Need and spread the love. Because of you, All I Need was featured in the bestsellers section of Barnes & Noble stores nationwide:

Bestselling All I Need by Susane ColasantiNow I’m all about the normal work/gym/life routine. Less glamorous than chilling with the literati? For sure. But I love my routine. Not just because I’m an organization freak. It keeps me grounded and energized and happy. And my writing routine allows me to write a new book for you every year. Which is a very good thing.

Next up: the first video in my love advice series, Help Wanted. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “back to it

  1. Did I read this last sentence right? Your writing a series!? Please say yes =)
    P.s. I started a book review blog on tumblr and I’m still new to the site I don’t have a lot of followers yet and I’m trying to get myself out there! Is there a specific website that book reviewers use?

    • That’s my Help Wanted video series. I’m doing a series of videos answering readers’ questions.

      Tumblr is probably the best place for you to be right now. The only reason I’m sticking with my blog on WordPress is that I like all of my archives and tags being consolidated here. Connect with other book bloggers and your reach will grow!

      • Thanks for the tip Susane! Video series are cool too! I know Lauren Oliver started one too! I look forward to watching your video’s!

        For fellow book bloggers if your click on my name it will send you directly to my tumblr account!

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