first review

The first major review of All I Need is in from Kirkus:

Author: Susane Colasanti

An unlikely young couple finds true love during summer break—but can it withstand their different lives?

Skye spends her summers vacationing on the Jersey Shore in her family’s large beach house, positive that nothing interesting will ever happen. Unexpectedly, she meets Seth at a party on the last night of the summer, and the chemistry is immediate and intense. A plan to exchange contact information goes awry, and they part not knowing how to find each other. Fate reunites the couple the next summer, and they decide to make their relationship work. Well-to-do Skye and Seth, a boy of lesser means, must find common ground despite their very different lives: Seth worries endlessly about money and paying for his Ivy League education, while Skye is still working through high school dramas. As Seth and Skye feel their way through the trials and tribulations of young love, the world marches on around them, and the two of them shakily navigate how to find their place together in it. Romantic and swooning plotlines filled with chance encounters soon dissipate into the real-life logistics of making a relationship work. Readers shouldn’t fret: The romance ramps back up to a swelling crescendo, sure to leave enthusiasts sighing and reaffirmed about the power of true love.

Grab your blankets and sunscreen now: This is an ideal summer beach book. (Romance. 13 & up)

Good to see that the two main goals for this book may have been achieved. I wanted to write my most romantic book yet. And I wanted to write a fun beach read. Thanks for the affirmations, Kirkus!