you’ve got the power

In case you missed the billboard I rented about it, I won the raffle at Trader Joe’s.

This is a monumental deal.

What makes winning a raffle monumental? First off, it’s not just any raffle. Trader Joe’s gives you a raffle ticket every time you bring your own bag. Five winning tickets are drawn each week. The prize is a $25 Trader Joe’s gift card. That’s a decent amount of Tofu Edamame Nuggets.

I’ve been going to the Trader Joe’s a few blocks away about once a week ever since I moved into my new place last summer. Every week I brought my own bag. Every week I got a raffle ticket. And every week I’d check my ticket from the week before to see if I’d won.

Every week I was a loser.

But. Every week when I saw that I’d lost, I would say to the cashier, “I’m going to win the raffle one day. I just know it.” They would usually throw me a pity glance before bagging my pumpkin butter or cherry juice, smile politely, and give me a fresh ticket when I asked for one. I knew what they were thinking. They were thinking I’d never win. Because really, who does?

None of that stopped me from repeating the same procedure every week. Check last week’s ticket. Confirm that I lost. Announce that I would win one of these days. Receive new ticket. Become filled with hope all over again. That’s what being an eternal optimist is all about. No matter how many times you lose, no matter how many disappointments you encounter, you keep holding on to the hope that good things will come.

Which is exactly what happened.

Trader Joe's winning raffle ticket

Behold documentation of my winning raffle ticket. Not only did I truly believe I would eventually win the raffle, I repeated that belief over and over, week after week. Visualizing a goal and holding it close to your heart is important. But when you say the words, when you put your goal out there for others to hear, the Universe responds in even more profound ways. Our thoughts inspire words. Our words inspire actions. Everything is connected.

You have the power to score your own winning raffle ticket on a much larger scale. Whatever your heart’s desire is, let it be known to the world. Own it. Live it. Be vocal about your dreams. Never stop believing in your power to turn your dreams into reality.

The Universe is listening. What do you have to say?

16 thoughts on “you’ve got the power

  1. Wait, cherry juice? I love cherry juice, didn’t know TJs carried it. I’ll have to look closer next time. Congrats on winning the raffle. We never take our own bags, but we reuse theirs for everything. πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations on the win! You’re walking, talking, real life proof that good things happen with the right attitude and energy. Your books, tweets and this blog especially, has made me into a more optimistic person too. I find myself saying things that the Me two years ago would have never imagined saying.But it’s helped me see things in a different, better perspective.
    Congrats again!

  3. 100% truth. It’s a circle. We create our realities. I had kind of a bummer day today coming back from vacation to all kinds of responsibilities. It’s all due to the negative thoughts. Tomorrow will be better. As one of my power thought cards says, “It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed.”

    • I hope you’re having a better day today. Yes, we can recondition ourselves to manifest more positive thoughts. Negative thinking is usually due to noisy brain regrets about the past and anxiety about the future. I try to focus on the Now and enjoying this moment, whatever this moment is. “This moment is your life.”

  4. Congrats on your win! I won a few months ago – our store does $10 gift cards. I practically shrieked with joy when they called to tell me they had drawn my name! πŸ™‚


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