home life – walk-in closet

One of the things that struck me about my new apartment the first time I saw it was its similarity to Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. We have the same bedroom/walk-in closet/bathroom configuration. Since I live in reality, my bedroom/walk-in closet/bathroom are smaller than hers. But we all love relating to Carrie.

Getting to design my own walk-in closet had been a big dream of mine since I was little. You guys know what an organization freak I am. Organizing is my idea of good times. Friends even invite me over to organize their closets. For reals. Which is why I was beyond stoked to transform my original closet into streamlined, customized bliss. Here’s the before picture of the right side of the walk-in closet:

Walk-in closet before

What we have here is a classic New York City closet. Complete with classic New York City problems. This entire right side was essentially two hanging rods and an overhead shelf. Shoes were scattered on the floor. Scattered, people. Not even on shoe shelves. The previous owner had a dresser on the left side of the closet with a mirror over it. That’s about it. There was so much wasted space I kind of felt bad for him. Then I remembered the insane profit he was making on the apartment. I didn’t feel bad for him anymore.

The entire closet had to be gutted. I wanted to create built-ins from floor to ceiling on both sides to maximize storage space. Here’s the left side during demolition:

Walk-in closet demolition

And the right side, featuring my bathroom door. Remember that first week after I moved in when I was living with my team of contractors and no bathroom door? That was a super fun bonding experience. Here’s where the bathroom door lived:

Walk-in closet demolition

I worked with a wonderful designer who sat with me for hours, perfecting each millimeter of space. She took my initial sketches of both sides of the closet and calculated the exact measurements for the cubbies, cabinets, drawers, and hanging rod areas. For the left side, we started with the measurements of a hamper I saw at The Container Store and immediately had to have. It’s shiny white, large, and rolls. Sold. After we decided on the measurements for the hamper space, we figured out that I would have six clothes cabinets, four drawers, a sweater cubby, a large cabinet for supplies, and shoe cubbies right above the floor.

Here’s the after picture of the left side:

Walk-in closet after

How much do I love this? The drawers make me feel extra fancy. The closet is deeper than it looks, so the cabinets go way back. The top cabinets go all the way to the ceiling. There’s tons of storage space. Well, tons by downtown Manhattan standards, anyway. It’s pretty sweet to be able to buy the big Method soap jug to refill the little dispensers. And, like, more than one of something on sale.

The right side is for hanging clothes with shelf space at the top and shoe cubbies on the bottom. I wanted two rods for hanging tops, plus a smaller rod just for dresses. Here’s the right side after picture, facing toward the bedroom:

Walk-in closet after

Do I feel like Carrie Bradshaw every time I walk through my closet? Most def. But would Carrie want to live here? No way. Where would her shoes go?