waiting for you in brazil

Happy pub day to Waiting for You in Brazil! This is the second book release by my Brazilian publisher, Novo Conceito, who will be publishing all six of my books within the next two years.

Recognize the cover?

Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti, Brazilian edition

A friendly neighbor from Brazil translated the tagline for me on Twitter: Two boys. Two passions. A girl undecided.

Even if you don’t know Portuguese, you’ll appreciate the official trailer.

Much love to my Brazilian readers!

5 thoughts on “waiting for you in brazil

  1. i know this is random but have you ever read the adventures of huckleberry finn? i just finished it as an assignment in my literature class and i absolutely worship my literature teacher because shes awesome and she assigns the best books ever and i was just wondering how you felt about huck finn.

    • We had to read that for school. It makes me happy to hear that you’re loving what you’re reading! Although I didn’t like the books we had to read for school (with one or two exceptions), I found many books I loved outside of school that fed my passion for reading.


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