your questions, please

TGIM! I’m starting off this shiny new week by asking for your questions. As you may remember from my most recent contest, I’ll be launching a help video series soon called Help Wanted. Some of you have emailed me with questions about boys, friends, home, and school. I am far from an expert on any of these topics. But I love getting your emails and writing back to everyone! And I really do miss being able to give my students advice when they’d come to me in my teaching days.

So I made an executive decision to answer some of your questions in video form. This will be a good way to share advice with even more friendly neighbors. I’ll be choosing a few of your questions for each Help Wanted video. Which means it’s time for your questions! Please leave any questions you’d like in the comments section. Include your first name and age. I can’t wait to get this started.

Some other things to share with you…

A big shout-out goes to Kara Doyle. Kara is my fitness instructor, mentor, and friend. I’ve been taking her Zumba classes for almost two years, plus total body and core since last summer. Because of Kara, I have all this renewed energy for working out. Her classes are amazing. I actually look forward to going to the gym. She has whipped my body into shape and continues to push me toward my next goals every day. Am I surprised that Kara was voted NYC’s #1 Zumba instructor? No, I am not. Her devotees have known that all along. Snaps for making working out so much fun, Kara!

January 6 was my 17-year New Yorkiversary. I moved to NYC in the Blizzard of ’96 for grad school. I had no job. I had no savings. Just big dreams of creating a better life here. I had a Knowing that New York was my true home. And I am so happy that I followed my heart. I can’t imagine being happier living anywhere else. Here’s to you, New York. You’ve been the best boyfriend a girl could ever hope for. Other than this one, of course…

(500) Days of Summer

Yesterday was a powerful day. Tomorrow is also powerful. January 8 is the day Tom meets Summer in (500) Days of Summer. This is the kind of detail hardcore fans like me notice. So when you’re going about your day tomorrow, caught up in routine and rushing from one place to the next, take a moment to look up. Your whole life could change before you even realize it.

(500) Days of Summer, Day 1