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One thing I knew my new home had to have was lots of kitchen counter space. I love to cook. I love baking for people. And I make a seriously delicious cheesecake. So abundant counter space was a must. Also a window. You would be surprised how hard it is to find an apartment with windows in both the bathroom and kitchen. Very rare in downtown Manhattan. When I saw what would become my new kitchen, I knew it was a gem:

kitchen before

Okay, this before picture doesn’t look like the shiniest gem. But I knew it would sparkle after renovations. The first thing we had to do was get rid of the gold and navy wall tiles. And the refrigerator and stove. They were both new, but I wanted stainless steel appliances that would be even with the counter. The original stove and refrigerator stuck out too much.

Once they were removed, my team of contractors used the empty spaces to store materials and stick their clothes overnight. This is something I didn’t know about contractors. They totally get changed in the kitchen! Their work clothes stay at the apartment. Kind of like a Mr. Rogers sweater/sneaker thing. During those weeks we were living together, I walked in on more than one guy stripping down in front of the sink. It’s all about the bonding. Here you can see my tile guy’s work shirt and shoes after he left for the day:

kitchen demolition

The original dark blue floor tiles had to go. Like the bathroom, I wanted the kitchen to be shiny white with pops of color (mainly red, which has been my kitchen accent color of choice for years). My architect wanted to extend the new hardwood floors into the kitchen to create a streamlined effect. I’m so thankful he pointed me in that direction because the results look really beautiful. The cabinets were relatively new, so I kept them and had them painted glossy white. Which required the doors to be removed by my painter. I left my dishes and things wrapped in newspaper so they wouldn’t get dusty from the other work being done. The kitchen looked like this for about two weeks:

kitchen demolition

The glossy white tiles were in. The new sink faucet was in. The new outlets were almost in. I kept the dishwasher and Corian countertops since they were in excellent shape. And already white!

Here’s the kitchen after picture to the left (featuring my retro snow cone machine)…

kitchen after

…and the kitchen after picture to the right:

kitchen after

Finding that matching Fisher & Paykel stove/refrigerator set was not easy. I was without a stove for a long time during that whole drama. You can read about the stove drama here if you missed my rant last summer.

All this counter space is making me giddy. I had the best time baking Christmas cookies. My building has a staff of 12 (concierge, doormen, super, assistant super, porters) and they all got cookies. Plus I baked some for my friends. Six hours and 200 cookies later, my place smelled like sugar and almonds. It was bliss. I hope you’re having a sweet holiday time, too!

17 thoughts on “home life – kitchen

    • It’s so funny how tastes can change over the years. When I moved into my previous West Village apartment, I loved the quaint exposed brick and charming old-school details. Now I’m all about the sleek, modern look. Glossy white rules my world!

  1. love it!!! u always had a good eye to detail n decor in ur office in H.S! keep being inspiration! miss u, I really hav to come to one of your book signings with yummy cupcakes! we gotta hav reunion, with a few of your old students! i hope u don’t mind 😉 sending u lots love and good energy! XO

      • ok cool! yep as u kno H.S usually can leave imprints (good ones) 😉 ok well whenever u have an event in the city, or a signing ill try to make arrangements for a meeting! I will inbox my email on facebook! 😉

  2. I just wanted to let you know, I’m living vicariously through these posts lol. One day I’ll be able to afford a cute apartment in Manhattan and re-innovate it the way I please *dreamy sigh*! Lovely kitchen!

  3. Susane! I LOVE the kitchen. Your whole place, actually. You know, now I know EXACTLY the kind of house I want when I move to my own place.
    It’s surreal, the beauty of the apartment.

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