help videos contest

Can I just tell you how psyched out of my mind I am right now? I’ve been waiting to bust out this ginormous contest for a long time. Let the awesomeness begin.

A lot of my readers email me for advice. Mostly relationship advice. But I also have readers feeling desperate and alone asking for life advice. While I am far from an expert on anything, I’m honored that some of you feel comfortable enough with me to share your stories and seek help. I love writing back to everyone. Sometimes I find myself answering similar questions over and over. This got me thinking about answering your questions in a way that could be shared with everyone.

So! I am thrilled to announce the launch of my help video series. The plan is to answer a few of your questions in each video and post them on my YouTube. There’s just one problem. I can’t think of a good enough name for the videos. This is probably why it’s easier for me to write an entire book than to think of a decent title. The best I’ve come up with is OMG Help! and that is just not going to cut it. Which is why I’m turning to you for help with this contest. Look what you can win:

The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen and All I Need by Susane Colasanti ARCs

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I not mention that I totally scored an ARC of Sarah Dessen’s upcoming novel, The Moon and More? My wonderful editor snagged a couple for me since Sarah and I share a publisher. Swag squared. You can also win an ARC of my upcoming novel, All I Need. Entering is easy. Just leave a comment here with your suggestion for what to call my help video series. The winner will receive both ARCs and be credited for naming the videos. Game on.

To enter:

1. Leave a comment here with your suggestion for what to call my help video series. You may suggest more than one name.

2. Please include your first name and email address with your entry. The winner will be notified by email.

Contest rules:

1. All entries must be received by Friday, December 14 at 11:11 pm.

2. The winner will be notified via email by Monday, December 17. The winner and name for the videos will also be announced here.

3. If the same name for the videos is submitted more than once, only the first comment will be counted as a potential winner.

4. The winning mailing address must be located in the United States. If you live abroad and have a contact in the States who can receive the prize for you, it can be sent to their address.

Dazzle me with your brilliance, friendly neighbors!

175 thoughts on “help videos contest

  1. Help! I Need Somebody! …or is that a Beatles cheap-shot? ๐Ÿ˜‰ or what about “Help me, Susane. You’re my only hope!” Hmm…or is that a Star Wars cheap shot…I think im too addicted to pop culture…;)

  2. I think this is a fantastic idea! Here are my suggestions: “Advice for Your Every Day Life”, “Life’s Lessons with Susane”, “Love, Life, and everything in between”, “Love, Life, and YOU.”

  3. I have a bunch of suggestions so here they are:
    1. Ask Susane (Just a simple one)
    2. Finding the Lighthouse Within (Waiting For You reference)
    3. Look Within Yourself
    4. Never Let Go
    5. Getting So Much Closer with Susane Colasanti (Book reference because they’re so much closer to getting the help they need from you)
    6. Keep Holding On (I thought using the title of your book would be great)

  4. What about “Are you there, Susane? We need help!” (or just the first half of it?) “Ask Susane” is very standard, but also what the videos are about/to the point/easy for people to search for? Hope those at least get minds thinking of more…

  5. “In my opinion…”, “From one girl to another” , “Susan’s sweet sugestions”, “A little advice: sugar and spice”, and “Listen up” good luck and hope one of these is helpful.

  6. I think “Colisanswers” with some sort of subtitle for each video that says what the question themes are.

    So for example “Colisanswers : Love” could be a video answering questions about love.

    – Blaine

  7. -Susane’s Advice Line or Diaries.
    -Just a little bit of advice
    -Love, relationships, and all that mushy stuffy
    -Susane’s Suggestions about relationships
    -Love life tips from Susane

  8. “You Ask, I Answer”
    “Dear Susane:”
    “Problems be gone!”
    “I Give Advice”
    “SOS please, Susane Save Me”
    “Susane SOS”
    “Susane to the rescue!”
    “Saint Susane”
    “Susane Spills All”
    “Problems: You make them, I fix them”
    “Susane Solves All”

  9. 1) Take it from me
    2) Editing Life
    3) What would Susane do?
    4) The Next Step
    5) Guide.
    6) Through my eyes
    7) Just so you know
    8) Help please! Keep wearing my heart on my sleeve

  10. Can we do more than one? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Susane Says
    2. Colasanti Says
    3. Advice from a Teen Author
    4. Susane writes for Teens, So She Knows them pretty well too! ๐Ÿ™‚
    5. Shut Up and Listen! (in honor of one of my favorite series, Princess Diaries :))
    6. Susane’s Guide to Surviving a Teenage Life

  11. Oh goodness, I’m not sure if my comment saved!

    But I have a few suggestions! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Susane’s Guide to Surviving a Teenage Life
    2. Susane Says
    3. Colasanti Says
    4. The Teenage Life
    5. Susane Writes About Teens, So She Knows Them Too! ๐Ÿ™‚
    6. and in honor of one of my all time favorite series (even though this is the movie name, Princess Diaries): Shut Up and Listen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. “Susane’s Life Plans”

    “help I’m having feEEELS”

    Invisible Anchor

    You CAN, with Susane!

    From life to love to man, help from Susane.

    Man, I sure could use Susane

    I’ll be your shoulder

    Sincerely, Susane


  13. ‘What I’ve learned’
    ‘Advice for when the time is right’
    ‘Help, Susane!’ (‘Help, Susane!: advice from a teenage author)
    ‘Advice for your life:’
    ‘What you need to know’
    ‘I need help!’
    ‘Talk to me Susane!’
    – Allie

  14. Susane: Consulting Author
    Guiding You Through Life
    A Writer’s Guide Book to Life
    Life Has Loveliness To Sell
    Keep Holding On; You’ll Make It Through
    Keep Holding On: Advice to Keep You Going
    All I Need Is a Little Bit of Help
    All You Need Is a Little Bit of Advice


  15. “A Peace of Your Mind”
    It was not me, but my friend. I think it’s pretty clever!
    Man, I love the idea of this! I can’t wait till your first upload.

  16. 1) When It Happens: advice on how to Keep Holding On or how to finally let go
    2) Susane’s Series
    3) All I Need is a little advice!
    4) Super Susane’s Relationship Responses
    5) “I don’t want to be Waiting For You!” author Susane Colasanti answers questions about relationships
    6) “Help! I Keep Holding On!” All YOU Need to know about Relationships
    7) Susane’s Elegant Advice
    8) Girls, Boys, Friends, Life: author Susane Colasanti tells you her advice
    9) Trust Susane(: the author that knows what she’s doing)
    10) “Susane’s got help.” “Take me THERE!”
    11) Waiting for Something Like Fate: Susane Colasanti’s relationship advice

    (long names but STILL….. hahaaa)

  17. 1) Dear Friend…
    2) Words From Susane
    3) All for You or Just for You
    4) Back to You
    5) Heavier Things
    6) Finding the U (or You) in Unique with Susane
    7) You Asked, Susane Answered
    8) S.O.S! with Susane
    9) Help Me, Susane!
    10) Yikes!
    11) Lighten Your Load
    12) All The Best, Susane
    13) Happy Mondays with Susane
    14) From Me To You
    15) Across the Miles

  18. Stress less with susane
    calm down
    dealing with life, love, and all your other particular predicaments
    need some help?
    advice from someone who knows
    we’ve all been there


  19. Love, A Friendly Neighbor
    Advice from a Friendly Neighbor
    Tips from a Friendly Neighbor
    I Got Your Back!
    (I really like using your email name tag name because it is so comforting and friendly) ๐Ÿ˜€


  20. 1).From Stess to Sucess
    3).The Road to Satisfaction
    4).Help Along the Way
    5).The Truth
    6).Just Listen
    7).Open Ears
    8).Girl Time
    9).Advice with some Spice
    10).So You’re having Girl problems…
    11).So You think You Need Help…
    12).Advice of the day
    13).Adice of the week
    14).Advice of the Month
    15). Susane Colasanti Tells it like it is
    16). All you need
    17). Wish
    18). Dreams Come True
    19). Wish, Watch, and Learn
    20). P.S. Hope this helps
    21). I hope this helps
    21). Just so you know…
    22). A little push along the way
    23). Wishes come true
    24). With Love, Susane Colasanti
    25). Where you dreams come true.
    Or you can name your blog after one of your books. My favorite titles would be When it happens and Keep Holding On.

  21. “All You Need is Something Like Fate”
    “When It Happens, I’m Waiting For You”
    “When It Happens, All (You/I) Need Is Something Like Fate”
    “Im So Lost, Take Me There”
    “All You Need is Something Like Fate, So Keep Holding On.”

  22. What about “Susane’s friendly shoulder”, or just “Friendly shoulder”?
    It’s an expression we use in Portuguese, I don’t know if it makes sense in English…

  23. *Make me , help you*
    *Leave a message after the beep*
    *Ask , Write , Tell*
    *I and you question game*
    *Let the answers begin*
    *Lets ask question , shall we start?*
    *The Susan collum*

  24. Mass Missives by Susane
    Susane’s FYI
    This is real life, with Susane Colisanti
    Letters from Susane
    With love, Susane
    Two Cents Worth
    Life’s Little RX with Dr. Susane

  25. Possibly just a playlist titled So You’re… and all your videos with be in one place. They all can be titled: So You’re Seeking Life Advice, So You’re Having a Love Conundrum, etc.
    Su-Zen’s Corner
    Reality Bites!
    Susane’s Insights
    Or Reality Bites: Susane’s Insight on _____ / Reality Bites: Susane’s Insight!

  26. Susan Speaks
    Getting by with Help from our Friends
    What Do I have to Say About That?
    Dear Susan…
    P.S. I Need Some Help

  27. hmmmm how about:

    -Advice from the Author
    -Life Lessons!
    -Short&Sweet: advice with Susane
    -Authorly Advice
    -Wise Words
    -Words from the Wise
    -Sanity with Susane
    -Survival with Susane
    -Susane’s Survival Guide
    -Staying Sane with Susane
    – HELP! I’ve fallen & I need advice! haha ๐Ÿ™‚
    – Wishes to Kisses: advice on everything from your favorite author!
    -Getting by with a Little Help

    hope you find a good title! ๐Ÿ™‚


  28. The Help

    Miss Know-It-All

    Time To Talk


    The Problem Solver

    Catch a Falling Star

    What Susane Thinks

    Susane Speaks

    You Ask, I Tell

    Just Listen

    Advice For Free

    Sincerely Yours

    When Mascara Runs

    Fix This Heart

    Fix This Broken Heart

    Just Ask

    Halo Helper

    You Ask, I Help

    A Helping Hand

    You’ve Been Advised

    Take My Advice

    Mark My Words

    Ask & Know


  29. Life Advice with Susane Colasanti
    All the answers you need in a short video
    Susane’s Tips for Life
    The Real Deal with Susane Colasanti
    All I Need is some help!
    Life’s answers
    Relationship’s made easier with Susane Colasanti
    My email is

  30. Susane’s Advice For Life
    Speak To Me, Susane
    Susane Speaks
    Colasanti’s Creative Advice
    Truly, Madly, Colasanti
    Take Me As I Am-Susane Style
    edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom I’m keeping my fingers crossed, DYING to review your books!

  31. “Susane To The Rescue!”
    “Wise Words From Susane!”
    “Dr. Susane” (Like Dr. Phil, lol)
    “The Colasanti Diaries”
    “Susane Says”
    “Keep Calm and Smile On”
    “Susane’s Guide To Life”
    “We’re All In This Together”
    “Susane Knows Best”
    “Love, Life, and Susane’s Advice”
    “Colasanti 911”
    “From The Desk of Susane”
    “Susane Speaks”
    “Keep on Smiling”
    And that’s all I can think of, haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. -Diaries of a rainbow life
    -No longer secrets
    -Everyone needs help
    -A help can’t hurt
    -A heart with a helping hand
    -She cares,she listen’s,she writes
    -It’s okay to break
    -take the help
    -Enough with the pain,its time to rise

    @nacionalmadie4 (twitter)

  33. Dealing with relationship trauma
    Relationship Fate with Susane
    How do relationships work?
    Love life Drama time with Susane
    What is wrong in your relationship?
    How to solve love problems
    Love in a nutshell
    Emergency hotline for love!

  34. The meaning of love
    Love until loved
    Relationships under water
    Susane with the plan
    Colasanti at the Kalahari with a plan of love
    corny but runnin out of ideas:O I love you and Sarah Dessen <333 Hope you find a good title for your videos:)

  35. Ask Susane, An Author Gives Advice
    Life According to Susane
    Advice from an Author
    Susane Speaks
    Susane Lends a Hand
    Life and Love with Susane
    Susane Colasanti – Author or Life Coach?
    Susane is Here to Help
    Susane to the Rescue
    Get the 411 on your 911 with Susane Colasanti
    Dear Susane
    Life and Love According to Susane


  36. A few ideas…

    “Susane’s Sage Advice”
    “Just Between You and Me, with Susane Colasanti”
    “In My Humble Opinion, with Susane Colasanti”
    “You Asked For It!”


  37. Winning these books would be awesome! I wanted to kinda try to tie in a book title? I like them! My Suggestions are:
    The Colasanti Corner
    So Much Susane
    Something Like Susane
    Converse with Colasanti
    Talk to Me Colasanti
    Colasanti’s Warm and Fuzzies

    Hope you like!
    โ™ฅ Molly

  38. SusANeSWERS (like Susane and answers put together ^_^)
    Sus’s answers (Susane’s answers, Susane answers)
    All YOU need is answers
    Susane swears (could be abbreviated as ‘SS:______’ [sub title in the blank, like “SS: love”])
    Susane’s Opinions (could be abbreviated as ‘SO ____’ with a sub title [Ex. SO love)


    Good luck at finding the right one! ^__^

  39. Not sure if it was said or not yet but, what about something along the lines of “The little, pink bubble” or just “The Pink Bubble” because theoretically you are putting your ideas and opinions out into the universe. It ties in your love for creative visualization and sorta fits what you would be doing. By the way, this contest is so cool!


  40. One Day At A Time
    One Day More
    At The End Of The Day
    Face Another Day
    …..ill think of more, just not right now…(sorry bout the multiple les miserables references i love that show and i was in it at my school last year)

  41. Okay, so is your name prounced like Suzanne or Suz-ayn? If it’s the second, you could do “Getting Sane with Susane.” lol.

    or: Susane, at your service
    Support from Susane
    Sustenance from Susane

    carlyle.peach [at]

  42. I think this contest is so fantastic! โค

    Conversations with Susane
    Talks with Noelle and Simon
    Chatty corner
    Listening hour with Susane Colasanti
    It's just you and me: talks with Susane Colasanti
    Holding onto hope

  43. Here’s a few:

    Neighborly advice

    Sometimes you have to look up

    We all need help sometimes: advice from your friendly neighbors

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