week of epic

This week has been all kinds of epic. First there was Monday night. The Empire State Building has a new LED system featuring 17 million colors of lights. The old lights only came in 10 colors. Ten. That’s how serious this is. Now the ESB can do cool light effects like sparkles, ripples, sweeps, and strobes. To debut the new lights, the Empire State Building did a light show choreographed to two Alicia Keys songs. Of course Empire State of Mind was one of them. That song is my heart. Every time I hear it, I’m reminded all over again of how much I love New York City, how anything is possible here, and how fortunate I am to live in the greatest city in the world.

My roof is closed for the season. But my doorman Eddie liked how excited I was about the light show, so he opened the roof for me. I told a neighbor about it and a few of us ended up there at 9:00. The night was crisp and clear. The city lights were so sharp you could feel the intensity of every single one. When the light show started, I already knew it was going to be something I’d remember for the rest of my life. I was the only one on the roof watching through the air instead of through a lens/screen. I just wanted to enjoy the Now in a way where I was connecting to this monumental event in real time. Not worrying about documenting. Photos and videos are only able to transmit a fraction of the beauty of that light show. But this video shows Alicia Keys introducing the show and reacting to the choreo. I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous new colors and combinations every night!

Week of Epic continued on Tuesday when…are you ready for this?…my front closet doors were finally installed. Do you know what this means? Dude. My apartment is DONE. Five months after I moved in. Regular readers of this blog know that I’ve been excited to share before and after photos of my new place with you. And now I can! I think the first home life post should feature the front closet. Since it’s such a drama queen and all.

There’s more, friendly neighbors. The epicness rocks on into tomorrow, November 30, when the YA for NJ auction begins at 8:00pm EST on eBay. (Update: The listing for a complete set of my books can be found here). It will run for seven days. I am beyond impressed with Kieran Scott. She whipped this auction into shape in like three seconds. There are over 200 listings of signed books, book collections, author visits, and lots more swaggy stuff. All proceeds will be given directly to help Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey. Snaps for everyone who bids on items for this important cause.

When this epic week is over, it will be December. Which totally blows my mind. It seems like just yesterday I was making epic wishes for 2012 on 11.11.11. Now it’s almost 12.12.12. Another auspicious day when a majorly epic event will be happening for me. Until then, see you next week for a ginormous contest you won’t want to miss…and my first apartment before and after photos!

8 thoughts on “week of epic

  1. Susane! Your apartment’s done! YAYAYAYAY! ❤
    Sorry, I tend to get a bit hyper 😛

    I've just been to NYC, and I totally understand what you say about it being the 'best city in the world'. I second you, absolutely! 🙂
    I wish I could stay a bit longer to see ESB do all the cool stuff. Oh, well.

    Waiting for the photographs!

  2. loved the video thanks for posting and i’m so glad that your apartment’s done IT’S DONE!!!! FINALLY and i have to agree with you about the city its the best place to live sorry i talk to much. 🙂


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