When I was writing Keep Holding On, I hoped that someone would take Simon and Noelle’s zine idea to the next level. That person is Alex, the creator of Courage for Tomorrow. Courage for Tomorrow is a new online magazine inspired by Keep Holding On. Alex and her team are always there for anyone who needs to vent, connect, or talk. If you’re feeling alone or hopeless, please reach out to them.

Also inspiring connections: Love Is Louder. By expressing your action with a photo, you can share ways in which you’ll work to prevent bullying and help others. I’m also in love with Love, Yourself. Love, Yourself encourages you to focus on the positive things in your life instead of fixating on the negative. To contribute to this blog, write a letter to yourself. You’re not allowed to say anything negative. Remind yourself of the goodness in your heart that makes you an amazing person. Snaps for We Stop Hate for founding this beautiful project!

Friendly neighbor Kieran Scott wanted to create her own beautiful project. She is a Jersey girl who was devastated by the destruction Hurricane Sandy caused when it pounded the Jersey Shore into oblivion. So Kieran sent an email to some of her YA author friends, asking us if we would donate to an auction for Sandy relief in New Jersey. Of course we jumped on board. As of now, Kieran has gathered 170 YA authors to participate in her upcoming auction, YA for NJ. The auction will begin on November 30 and run for seven days. All proceeds will be donated to The Community FoodBank of New Jersey. You can like the YA for NJ Facebook page for updates.

For those of us connected as vegetarians: Happy Tofurky Day! Enjoy those sides and desserts. You know they’re the best part.

Thanksgiving sugar cookies


2 thoughts on “connections

  1. Courage for Tomorrow is a fantastic idea. I remember reading Keep Holding On and thinking “There should really be something out there for kids like this”. It’s amazing that someone is willing to devote their time to helping people like this.


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