As most of you know, I bought an apartment this spring and did an almost complete gut renovation. The renovations took a bit longer than promised. Like, five weeks longer. While I was living here. A team of Hungarian contractors pretty much lived with me for the first half of July. While I had no shower or bathroom door the first week. Yeah. We bonded.

My apartment should have been done a while ago. Everything is finished except for one thing: front closet doors. I’ve been waiting for these doors since July. They were supposed to be installed back in August. Then special hinges were being handmade:

Magnificent handmade hinges

The hinges were badass.They took a month longer than expected. Then the doors were supposed to be installed right before Sandy. Then the day after Sandy hit. My building lost power for four days. My carpenter’s workshop experienced flooding. After all of this, the doors were promised to be installed this morning.

I wasn’t surprised when my carpenter called me this morning to say he wasn’t coming. The closet doors are magnificent. They are so magnificent I almost can’t believe I’ll ever get them. I saw them on October 10 when my carpenter came to temporarily install the doors. He had to make sure they were a perfect fit. I’ve never seen such beautiful doors. Solid maple, about 150 pounds each, to float on special hinges that will make the doors look smooth and streamlined. No frame. No visible handles. Magnificent.Β The doors were then whisked away to be painted. They’re going to be glossy white, which requires several coats of very careful spray painting. I was so excited for today when I could finally welcome the doors home.

Then the call came. My carpenter’s assistant put the latch pulls on the wrong way. They have to fix the latch pulls and repaint. They might be installed next week. Or in 2013. I really can’t say for sure. But here’s the thing. They’re just doors. So many people lost everything they had in Sandy. People are still living without homes. Living without power or heat or water. Trying to find enough food for their families every day. I have a home. I have power and heat and water.

They’re just doors.

Which is why I was not upset when my carpenter told me the news. Is it frustrating that my place still isn’t done five months after I moved in? Sure. But perspective is key. The doors will be finished. They will be installed and will be even more magnificent than before. And then I can finally – FINALLY! – share photos of my new home with you. I’m planning this whole thing for you guys where I’ll do separate posts for each room so you can see all the before and after pictures. Anyway, I told my carpenter the important thing is that we are safe and our homes are safe and that’s what maters. He was relieved to hear my positive attitude.

Having a positive attitude is extremely important. Getting angry about things over which I have no control would not only make me miserable, it would make the people I’m taking my anger out on miserable as well. That’s not good for anyone. Laughing at the ridiculousness of the Doors Situation (a cousin of the Stove Situation) allows me to keep a positive perspective. By putting positive energy out into the world, we not only create goodness for others. We create goodness for ourselves. It’s a karma thing.

Positive energy opens doors. For ourselves. For others. In ways more magnificent than we could ever imagine. Choose to share positive energy with the world…and watch how many doors open around you.


10 thoughts on “doors

  1. I love how you’re always positive about things even when you’re disappointed. It’s something my older sister has taught me too πŸ™‚

    • Well not always, but I certainly try! I’ve actually gotten used to seeing the inside of my closet. When people come over they think it’s just shelves and a coat rack. They don’t even realize it’s supposed to be a closet!

  2. YES YES YES a thousand times YES! I love positive thinking. I’ve shifted from Ms. Negative to Miss Positivity over the past few years and the change is incredible. It’s not worth it to let these little things upset you. It just makes you and everyone else miserable. We control what we can control–nothing more. I love positive affirmations too. Seeing the positive side on things just makes life sweeter for everyone.

    • YES right back at you! You have clearly benefitted from a more positive lifestyle. Your whole world is a happier place now, right? Having an optimistic attitude really does change everything.

      I couldn’t believe how many people were disgruntled only a day or two after our power came back on. One girl was all huffing and complaining in line at CVS. I was like, Um, hi. At least you have a CVS. At least you have a LINE.

  3. Way to look for the gold, Susane. πŸ™‚ I’ve noticed that when I look for the gold, life is so much better and even more blessings come. I’m eager to see the tour of your apartment–it sounds amazing.


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