take me there indonesia

An Indonesian reader on Twitter told me that their edition of Take Me There was just released. I often find out about foreign edition publications this way. I knew it was coming out. But I didn’t know when.

How much is this cover blowing me away?

Take Me There by Susane Colasanti, Indonesian edition

Dude. Copies of the note. In the halls. All over the school when they snuck in. What is it with my Indonesian publisher zeroing in on the coolest parts of each book and creating gorgeous covers around them? Like how the So Much Closer cover featured origami unicorns. Love. IT.

Snaps for Indonesia. You guys totally get me.

6 thoughts on “take me there indonesia

  1. Yay for the Indonesian publisher. It’s so cool to see the fun, funky, special moments of the book on the covers. What about When It Happens?

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