Woot! We have power! Lower Manhattan is in the light, baby!

It has been a crazy four days in the dark. Fortunately I have good friends who took me in on the Upper West Side. When I heard that power was coming back on for lower Manhattan tomorrow (maybe even today), I came back home. Checking on older neighbors who stayed on high floors this whole time was priority. Everyone was fine. So then it was time to do something I’d been dreading all week before I lost the light…

Food thrown out after Hurricane Sandy

These were the contents my refrigerator. Tofurky, Smart Bacon, cheese, fruit, vegetables, carrot juice, eggs, pumpkin butter. I had to throw it all out. Same with everything in my freezer. As you can see, my freezer was basically aisle three of Trader Joe’s:

Food thrown out after Hurricane Sandy

What hurt the most was throwing out those Trader Joe’s Tofu Edamame Nuggets. They are seriously delicious. And of course the Quorn. Quorn is this vegetarian’s BFF. Oh, and you know it hurt to throw out the popsicles. But as I was filling garbage bags with all of this food that had gone to waste, I had some serious perspective.

I am alive.
My home is safe.
None of my friends were hurt.

Perspective made it easier to see this when I was done:

Empty refrigerator after Hurricane Sandy

I’ll be doing a detailed post next week of reflections over the past four days without power. Including how magical it was to watch the lights come on. Until then, stay safe and enjoy the light!

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