cover boy

Readers often ask about the models on my book covers. Do I get to choose the models? Not at all. Do I get to go to the photo shoots? I wish! Do I at least get to know what they look like from the front? Only because my fabulous editor shares behind-the-scenes pics with me. I posted my fave pics from the Keep Holding On photo shoot for you here. That last one still makes my record skip. Don’t you love how he leans? A total Jordan Catalano moment.

You can imagine how thrilled I was when he emailed me. Not only do I know his name and number (for reals), but now I can show you what he looks like. Score.

Ryan Haagen is our cover boy. He was so sweet to get in touch with me. I know you guys really wanted to see what he looked like, so I asked for some pics. Well hello:

Ryan Haagen

Ryan Haagen

Ryan also shared these memories from the photo shoot:

The shoot was an absolute blast and I loved working with my friend from high school Deana! She was great to work with and did a unreal job with this cover! Getting ready for the shoot, I had to get a my haircut but nothing crazy. We worked hard on getting the right picture for the cover in hopes that you would totally love it! The photographer was a blast and she was so nice which just made this even more fun! Me and Deana ended up laughing a bunch, and I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to do this cover and I truly hope you love it in every way!!! 

Affirmative on the love, Ryan. Thanks for bringing this cover to life!