memory lane

What I’m about to say might sound so 2008, but I’ve been slowly uploading photos to my blog archives here on WordPress that were still being hosted by LiveJournal (aka the ex BF who cheated, lied, and basically made my life miserable). I am aware that everyone’s moved on to Tumblr and other bloglite forms of communicating in smaller snippets. The thing is, I love this blog. I love being able to share news about my books and cupcakes and whatever quirky stuff I want to without having to cram it all into 140 characters. Plus I’ve been using tags since I started this blog five years ago. That makes it way easier for you guys to find info that will hopefully be helpful to you in some way.

It would have been awesome if the photos transferred along with my blog posts when I imported this blog to WordPress last summer. But the world doesn’t work that way. Yet. I had two options: Upload each photo individually to WP or lose all of the old photos when I deleted my LJ account. As someone who hopes you might enjoy the archives, I went for option one. Going back through all those old entries was actually pretty fun. There were random things I’d forgotten about, epic events to relive, meltdowns and milestones. A walk down memory lane always brings clarity.

In case you’re interested in revisiting the highlights, here are some of my fave posts:

Hot gossip – In which I go fangirl on Steve Martin, Gossip Girl style.

John Mayer, front row center 2.25.10 – In which I score front row center seats at Madison Square Garden for John Mayer’s Battle Studies tour. A huge dream come true. One of the best nights of my life.

Kiefer is a friendly neighbor – In which I meet up with Kiefer Sutherland in our neighborhood. Yeah, we’re tight like that.

Copy that and Kiefer’s other GF – Sequels to above.

David Duchovny on my block – In which David Duchovny films an ep of Californication right outside my door. Literally. Right outside my door.

Jon Stewart is my BFF – In which Jon Stewart is my BFF.

Jeremy P. and me sitting in a tree – In which I kick back with Ari Gold, Entourage style.

Book tour, part one – In which I meet Wilson from Cast Away.

Santorini, finally – In which I visit Santorini, the most beautiful place on Earth.

It will be interesting to see where social media takes us five years from now. Until then, I will keep posting. Thanks so much for reading!

10 thoughts on “memory lane

    • When I was in high school I actually thought I’d be a science teacher forever. I knew I wanted to be a science teacher when I was 12. But the opportunity to become a full-time author presented itself five years ago. So I took a chance and resigned from teaching. I am so incredibly happy that I did because I absolutely love my job!

      As for sequels, I’m not sure I’ll be writing any yet. But that’s something I’m considering 🙂

  1. If it’s any consolation, I’m only on twitter because my phone plan came with unlimited texting and no one really texts me (weird, they mostly call). Anyway, it’s nice to hear the chime of a text arriving from you and the few others I follow.
    BUT I preferred livejournal for a long time and even now, with tumblr, I prefer wordpress and follow other authors on their blogs (via their websites). Tumblr just doesn’t do it for me. It’s like the image version of twitter: nothing personal, way too short and easily forgettable.


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