Five weeks, four days, and two meltdowns later, it looks like things are wrapping up here at Renovations Central. I’m just waiting for the front closet doors to be made. And for some lighting fixtures to come in. Plus we need to do some painting touchups. Oh, and the floor guy has to come over to polish. But we’re getting there. I’m hoping to share photos with you in a couple weeks. Which is way later than I thought I’d be sharing photos with you. That’s cool. Hopefully you will agree that they were worth the wait!

I always thought that the day my team of Hungarian contractors packed up their materials and left my apartment, I would celebrate. I would celebrate having things like privacy and time back in my life again. Pretty much every day they were here I worked right along with them. Except for a few days before my deadline when I was scrambling to get a revision done. Still not sure how I pulled that off! It was one long day after another. We were all exhausted. I kept telling myself to keep holding on, looking forward to the day the major part of the work would be done. The day my apartment would really become my own.

That day was Friday. After weeks of boys here every day making my apartment beautiful, now they’re just…gone. It was weird when they packed up and left. For some reason I felt sad. And nervous. Maybe because, with all of the construction drama out of the way, it finally hit me that I’m a homeowner. Reality came crashing in. I had to run out to the gym and the Container Store before I could calm down. That last day when the skim coating guy was finishing up the ceiling, “In Your Eyes” came on my mix. I wanted to whip out my Say Anything poster of Lloyd Dobler holding that boom box over his head and explain about the song. But I didn’t know how to translate “most amazing movie scene in the history of ever.”

Lloyd Dobler

This weekend made me happy. I could finally unpack my fragile objects. All of those little things that turn an apartment into a home. It was feeling kind of like a hotel around here. A hotel where I happened to be staying at with all my stuff. By the time I unpacked the last box, that anxious feeling was completely gone.

Did you know that today is the dividing point of summer? I cannot even believe that summer is half gone. But we still have a whole half of summer left, filled with possibility. Of course, those of you going back to school at the end of August aren’t feeling that way. Do not fret. You might want to check out my back-to-school article in this month’s issue of Justine magazine. I gave some advice about making this your best year ever.

So yeah. I’m getting back to normal life. Copyedits for book seven will be coming in soon. My new gym schedule is being established. I’m starting to have a social life again. And I’ll actually be able to read my email! It’s been a wild ride, but it’s all working out. Waking up this morning to the sounds of a mourning dove hooing was reassuring. It sounded like he followed me from my old place. Good to know he’s not gone.

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