fresh and new

We would be moving towards wrapping things up here at Renovations Central if the ceiling  didn’t need to be skim coated again. Skim coating is a huge process that basically makes your walls and ceiling look brand new. No ripples from all the paint layers that came before you. No flaws in the walls. Just smooth, clean lines wherever you look. But the first round of skim coating left my ceiling looking a tad wavy. It sort of felt like I was living under water. Right when I thought I was done with the plaster dust and construction materials and plastic covering everything, my contractor agreed that the ceiling did not meet our standards. So I’m tolerating a few more days of the boys and the mess to make the ceiling look better.

Will it ever be flawless? No. But it will look fresh and new. Kind of like my new author photo. This one’s for book seven, which will be out in May.

Susane Colasanti

I’m a big fan of keeping things fresh. I like that there’s a different photo for each of my books. Each one captures a moment in time while I was still working on the book. Or at least a moment during the same year each book was written. Another thing that compels me to take fresh photos is the annoying fact that I don’t like any of them. I’m always trying to have one taken that I will actually love. Which is why it makes me happy to finally say that I love this one. This one looks like me.

Who took the winning photo? The lovely and mega talented Jayd Gardina. Jayd took the cover photos for Keep Holding On and the So Much Closer paperback. I’m extremely fortunate that she was able to fit me in. And this might be a huge secret, but Jayd is probably taking the cover photo for the new book, too!

TGIM goodness all around 🙂

10 thoughts on “fresh and new

  1. This picture is really pretty. Makes me want to grab the book NOW. Love the background.

    And dearest Susane, I’m just dying to see what you apartment looks like!


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