As I’m writing this, there’s a guy in the bathroom doing tile work and another guy in the living room repairing the built-ins. Staple guns and various saws are involved. I’m used to the noise by now. I would escape to the cute cafe across the street, but I have to be here to answer questions and stuff. I’m also eager to see if this rumor going around that my bathroom is going to be finished today comes true. Suspense!

One rumor that did come true today was the one about my stove arriving. Quick update on  what has affectionately come to be known as the Stove Situation: I snagged a floor model from this mom and pop place in the East Village at a significant discount. Waiting until August 20 for the new models to arrive from Italy sounded super fun and all, but I decided that I would really like to cook some pasta, please. So yay, my stove is in the house! It will be installed tomorrow. Then I’ll be so much closer to being a person who actually lives in her apartment.

Speaking of So Much Closer, I am beyond thrilled that Brazil is going to release their edition tomorrow. Does the cover look familiar?

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti, Brazilian edition

Readers from Brazil are so sweet and passionate. And my publisher is amazing. They made a fun book trailer, plus they’re doing some cool promotional stuff with origami:

Bem Mais Perto by Susane Colasanti


I love how foreign editions are highlighting the origami from the book. The Indonesian edition even features origami unicorns on the cover.

Rumor has it that my first four books will be released in Brazil within the next two years. Thanks to Novo Conceito for getting the party started!

4 thoughts on “rumors

  1. love the covers. They always look so hopeful.
    Love hearing about all the renovations. It’s inspiring to hear about other people living their dreams. Makes you more sure yours will keep coming true as well.

    • If I can do it, you TOTALLY can!

      My dream today is to be able to make pasta for dinner. The building isn’t letting the stove that’s sitting in the middle of my kitchen be installed. They require all sorts of paperwork for boys to work in here and one little detail is missing. Funny how the dream of owning an apartment is now reality, but wanting to cook pasta is asking too much 😉


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