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After a week of living out of boxes and another week of boys with tools taking over my apartment, I am finally starting to settle into my new home. A few nights ago was the first time I felt like I actually lived here. I was on my bed watching Pretty Little Liars on my MacBook Pro, looking out at the view as the sky melted into deep purple and city lights blinked on. The stress of having zero privacy, no Internet, tiles and a sink arriving broken into pieces, wet towels draped on boxes, and getting like five hours of sleep the first two weeks after I moved in melted away.

I am home.

My views here are pretty sweet. I have a wall of five big windows with southern exposure. Every day I notice new things. Like the building a couple blocks over with metal stars under its windows. Or the red brick tower with an ancient clock that stopped at 4:32. There’s even a water tower, with which I am obsessed. After 16 years of looking out back windows at gardens and courtyards in New York City, it’s refreshing to see big sky and have lots of light and air. I can breathe here. And the views from the rooftop are unreal.

Am I going to share before and after photos of my new place? Of course! But we have two or three more weeks of work to do before everything is completely finished. I’ve decided to share photos over several blog entries to show you each room separately. That would be better than composing the Longest Blog Entry Ever. Plus there’s lots to discuss about the journey of each room. And all the drama living with a team of contractors without a bathroom door brings.

This is the first day I’ve been able to enjoy my place without being on deadline. I do not recommend being on deadline, moving, living without a working shower for a week and having renovations of your apartment taking forever all at the same time. Just FYI. Living out of boxes was fun for a day. Sort of. By day four, I was over it. Good thing I strategically packed a week’s worth of clothes in my luggage. It felt like I was staying at a hotel. With, um, everything I owned in the world. Here’s what the piles of boxes looked like (minus all of my books, which I estimated comprise approximately 1/3 of everything I own):

The Boxes

Yesterday I submitted the revision of book seven, which will be out in May. Not sure how I pulled that off in the midst of chaos. The cute cafe across the street definitely helped. I escaped there for a couple hours most days for Internet and to work. It’s a relief to be getting back into a routine, like posting here (I think the last time I didn’t post for over a week was in 2009 when I was in Santorini) and going to the gym. Having the same instructors and some of my friends from my old gym at the new locations has been incredibly soothing. It’s scary to move a life. Even when that life only moved one mile. Familiarity has soothed me.

Now that I have some time to catch up, I’m loving all the reasons I bought this apartment in the first place. Enough closet space to buy things like the big Method sweet water refill bottle. Plenty of room to file more papers. Gorgeous new floors that don’t creak and are not slanted. Central air. Like I said, it’s all about the light and air.Β Breathing is a good thing.

Happy to be here. Happy for my new home life. Happy to share all the goodness this new chapter in my life brings with you.

12 thoughts on “home life

  1. Glad to hear that things are slowly returning to “normal.” Love this reason of yours for buying your apartment: Enough closet space to buy things like the big Method sweet water refill bottle. Sometimes it’s the little things that count. πŸ™‚


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