three days to go

How long have I been waiting to say that I’m moving in three days?

About three years. Longer actually. If you count how long I’ve been waiting to move into an apartment I own, that would be my whole New York life. Sixteen years.

As you can imagine, it’s been a packing frenzy around here. The last time I packed was nine years ago when I moved into this place. I forgot how many boxes I’d need. Buying boxes is bogus. Reusing materials is much better. Which is why I’ve been hounding the bookstore and teahouse and deli for boxes for weeks, carrying them home a few at a time, constantly banging into them in my tiny living room. I’ve been packing all weekend and am surprised that I need more boxes. Where did all this stuff come from? Why do I have 25 pairs of jeans but only wear five? And don’t even get me started on my massive graphic tee collection.

But with a shiny new apartment (that’s twice as big as this one) comes shiny new possessions. Remember that Sex and the City ep where Carrie registers to marry herself? That was me in Crate & Barrel a few weeks ago. I’d always wanted to saunter around the store with one of those scanners, pointing at all the pretty things I would like. While I wasn’t able to buy all the pretty things, it was fun to select some new kitchen stuff and furniture. People came up to me asking when I was getting married. I was like, “I know, right?” Then I explained that I wasn’t registering for my wedding. It’s a Carrie Bradshaw thing.

Other than moving into my shiny new place and revising book seven, another goal for this summer is to acquire a collection of bracelets like these:

Beach Bag Book Club

Super fantabulous reader Lacey was kind enough to let me document her bracelets at Beach Bag Book Club last week. That was the last event of the Keep Holding On book tour. I loved doing the event last year with Elizabeth Eulberg and Jen Calonita. So I was stoked to be invited back. They always have the BEST cake. And the best accessories:

Susane Colasanti, Elizabeth Eulberg, and Jen Calonita

If you weren’t able to see me on this tour and would like a signed book, Books of Wonder has tons! You can call them to order a copy at 212.989.3270.

Big thanks to everyone who’s read Keep Holding On. Your support and encouragement have been amazing. Your comments and emails have touched my heart. I really appreciate you spreading the word about this book. I’m happy to see that reviews are still being posted, like these recent ones:

Also! RT Book Reviews asked me for this post on abusive teen relationships. And here’s a resource for teachers, librarians, and book clubs: A discussion guide and Q&A for Keep Holding On.

Well, packing calls. And strategizing who to hit up for more boxes…

2 thoughts on “three days to go

  1. Such an exciting time for you! I can’t wait until you start posting pictures of your new apartment!

    So guess what? I have to move, too, although it’s just to another apartment in the same building. I don’t do well with change, so this will be quite the adjustment (especially since I’ve lived in this apartment for most of my life). At least I’ve started my decluttering, though oftentimes I feel overwhelmed at the task at hand. I knew I had a lot of old magazines, but it seems every time I clear out a box, there are a bajillion more for me to go through. Ugh! I bet I’ve spent thousands of dollars on magazines over the years. Sigh. 😦

    • Your move sounds like a sign from the Universe that it’s time to clean your house, as we say in yoga. I know how frustrating it is to go through piles of magazines and suchlike. But this is a good thing! By letting go of all the stuff you no longer need or use, you’re creating room for more positive things in your life. You will feel lighter and more free.

      Good luck with your move! I hope everything goes smoothly for you.


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