team unicorn

When foreign editions of my books are published, I really have no idea what the covers will look like until I find them online. Every country has its own aesthetic for teen novels. What works here might totally backfire somewhere else. So it’s always interesting to see what other countries decide will sell. I’m really impressed with the way Indonesia designed their edition of So Much Closer:

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti, Indonesian edition

What I love the most is how this cover captures the city at nighttime. It portrays the High Line like the original hardcover did, but here we get to see sparkling city lights. I am all about city lights. And how cool are those origami unicorns? The main character, Brooke, loves challenging herself with advanced origami. There’s a crucial scene involving an origami unicorn. This cover delivers on so many levels.

If I weren’t in the middle of packing, I would totally dig out my origami papers and books and try making one of these unicorns. But I guess it will have to wait. Dude! I could bring my papers to the High Line and make one there! Boom.

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