up on the roof

The literary extravaganza that is BEA was so much fun! I had my first signing there and met so many teachers, librarians, and bloggers I knew from online. My signing time flew. I was worried that a bunch of people wouldn’t get their books signed. Fortunately there wasn’t anyone signing right after me, so I stayed late to make sure I got to connect with everyone. Thanks to all of you who waited in line! I was honored that so many of you were there.

Look what I scored at the Penguin booth:

Susane Colasanti with an ARC of Jonathan Tropper's One Last Thing Before I Go

I’ve been a massive fan of Jonathan Tropper ever since Plan B. So of course I’ve been anxiously awaiting his new book, One Last Thing Before I Go. When I found out I’d just missed JT at the booth, I was bummed. But then they were giving out these ARCs like 10 minutes later. The Universe totally had my back on that one.

Even more excitement went down that night. I was invited to the YA Author/Blogger Rooftop Party hosted by Jeremy West of Novel Thoughts, Andye and Amy of Reading Teen, and Liza of WhoRuBlog. Let me tell you something. These friendly neighbors know how to party. Not only did they have the cutest party favors and most incredible decorations (wreaths and flowers made out of book pages by Amy – get yourself on Etsy, girl!), the treats were to die. I am always impressed with attention to detail. Check out these cute book cover adornments on the mini cupcakes:

Rooftop Party cupcakes

As if all of that wasn’t awesome enough, the party was on the rooftop of a 41-story luxury building in Tribeca. The views were beyond amazing. I love seeing my sparkly city of gold from way up high. I rarely get a chance to do that. So the first thing I did when I got to the party was glue myself to the solarium window. Then I went outside:

Rooftop Party view

Can you believe that view? The swirly steel building to the right of center is New York by Gehry. No other building in the world is like it. The building has this ripple effect with windows curving out and swirly lines up the sides. One World Trade (the Freedom Tower) was like right there. I was blown away. I spent a lot of time in front of it just soaking up the energy. This view of the Hudson River and the West Village is pretty sweet. You can totally see my apartment, as I was pointing out to Kelsey of Reading or Breathing:

Rooftop Party view

Big thanks to the hosts of this epic event for inviting me. I am already strategizing how to get back on that roof. And did I mention that my glow bracelets and glow headband were so fly they were glowing right into the next day? Best. Party. EVER.

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