shining stars

Last night was Penguin’s Shining Stars party at the Top of the Standard. If you ever have a chance to go there, you will not be disappointed. The views are spectacular.

The festivities were just as spectacular. I finally got to meet John Green. I did not freak out. I did, however, sound like a complete idiot after forgetting everything I wanted to say and was standing there babbling like a zillion other fangirls before me. But John Green is gracious. He even took this pic of us! Nerdfighters unite.

Susane Colasanti and John Green at Penguin's BEA party

When I got to the party, Joan Bauer and Richard Peck were right there talking to my editor, Regina Hayes. I would like to note that Regina looked very glamorous. It was an honor to finally meet Joan and Richard. As you can see, I am not as adept with the cam as John Green is. But Richard Peck said he liked this photo of us because he is not bald in it.

Richard Peck and Susane Colasanti at Penguin's BEA party

Speaking of shining stars, I got to have lunch with Sarah Dessen while she was here last week. It’s always so good to catch up with her. We have lots in common, what with our love of everything Whole Foods and flip-flops and organization and cupcakes and Friday Night Lights. Sarah even let me see all of her shiny new paperback covers, including this one.

Sarah Dessen and Susane Colasanti

Sarah was at the party in spirit. Her spirit was really enjoying the view. Also at the party: The lovely ladies from VH1 Celebrity and RT Book Reviews I recently did guest blog posts with. The VH1 post was super fun. They asked for my Top Five Anti-Bully Classics. Ready for some 80s nostalgia? Check out the post here.

VH1 Celebrity Anti-Bully Classics

Girls’ Life also did an interview with me. I’m sure someone from Girls’ Life was at the party. It was really crowded.

Other shining stars: All of the book bloggers who have posted such sweet reviews of Keep Holding On. I was overwhelmed with all of your support on pub day. You guys do an amazing job of spreading the word about my books. I really appreciate all of your hard work and warm fuzzies. Some new reviews on my radar since I last posted a list are:

Will I see you at BEA? I’ll be signing today from 3:30 to 4:00 at Table 25. Of course I’m getting there early to walk around. BEA is the biggest collection of shining stars ever. I’ll let you know which stars I find!