on the news

Thanks for all of your pub day love! And thanks to everyone who saw the Keep Holding On segment on the PIX11 morning news yesterday. Emilie Woda, the girl who was interviewed, was so open and articulate. I love her confidence. She has the courage to speak up and talk about the things I was too mortified to admit in junior high. I really admire her positive attitude.

Emilie Woda is my new hero.

This pic was taken during the filming with Emilie and her dad:

Susane Colasanti and Emilie Woda

The Studio on the Run bus was so tricked out. I could have chilled there all day. They even had a Keurig, which I didn’t have time to enjoy. So no one should be surprised if I crash a random taping on the bus to get my beverage on.

You can watch the news clip here.