creating the cover

Dude. Keep Holding On officially comes out in two days. How exciting is that?

So exciting that I want to share some behind-the-scenes pics from the cover photo shoot with you. I think the cover is gorgeous. The designers at Penguin put a lot of work into making sure this cover reflected the book as much as possible. They totally added details from the book that I asked to be included, which made the cover even more authentic. So yay! More awesomeness: The photographer was Jayd Gardina, who also shot the shiny new So Much Closer paperback cover.

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti photo shoot

The first thing that surprised me when I saw these photos was the rich blue color of the lockers and doors. Colors get changed all the time on covers. But I was kind of surprised they didn’t keep the lockers blue – it’s such a pretty hue! I love the way the boy model is leaning against the lockers here. And I love his glasses. And everything about him. And P.S.? He totally got in touch with me. His name is Ryan Haagen. You best believe he gave me his number (but just to talk about the photo shoot, obvs). Anyway, Ryan leans like the pro he is. This would have made a cute cover. But I guess they didn’t want the boy up front. It must have been really hard to select the final cover photo with so many amazing ones to choose from.

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti photo shoot

I was also surprised that the girl model was wearing red Converse instead of purple. I’m happy they decided on purple, which was my signature Converse color. As you can see, her Converse didn’t have writing on them. I requested that writing/drawing be added to make them look like Noelle’s Converse in the book. You’ll also notice that the lockers don’t have any locks. The photo shoot took place at a high school in New Jersey last summer right before school started. When I saw the first draft of the cover, I asked for locks to be put on so it would look like they were actually being used. What else? Oh, that flower (which was red in the first draft). There was a bit of a huffufle over that. Let’s just say that I am thrilled it was removed!

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti photo shoot

Oh. Em. Gee. How sexy is this photo? Love love LOVE it. Perhaps it was too hot for the book cover? Definitely my favorite. That said, I love the way the cover turned out. And I am so excited Keep Holding On is out in the world this week!

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti

An author video, reviews, and an excerpt can all be found on the Keep Holding On page of my website. Happy reading!

16 thoughts on “creating the cover

  1. OH MY GOD. They changed ALL THE COLORS. That’s crazy. I know Photoshop is magic but this is beyond anything I ever imagined.

    I can’t wait to read this book. 🙂

  2. Hey, the covers of all these books look wonderful. I’ve never read any of them, but I’m a real sucker for beautiful covers. Will definitely be checking them out over the summer! (;

  3. OMG THIS IS AWESOME! thanks for sharing! we have the same favorite by the way =) I don’t think its too hot and steamy but your books appeal to a large audience so its good too keep the younger crowd in mind =) I CAN’t WAIT TO READ IT lol

  4. First thing I thought when I saw the blue color of the lockers and doors: Dillon Panthers! 😛

    I wish we could’ve seen the cute guy and his groovy glasses on the final cover. He’s a cutie! He reminds me of Buddy Holly. They also really lightened his hair on the cover.

    Love that Noelle is wearing purple Converses. I have a pair also, and they’re one of my favorites.

    • Yes! Totally Panthers! Can’t lose.

      The boy character in the book, Julian, is blond. They should have gotten a blond boy model. Not sure why they didn’t. When I pointed this out, the designer lightened his hair as much as she could without it looking fake. I am determined to have a blond boy on a cover in the near future!

  5. I read this book and oh my God-Susane you made me cry. You are an amazing author and I honestly have never read something more realistic. I wrote down quotes and things that inspired me from the book and I now have a different outlook on the way I treat people. So thank you (: Also, you said who the male model was. Who was the girl modeling Noelle?

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