I’ve been hearing from readers that Keep Holding On is already out at Barnes & Noble. Apparently so! Barnes & Noble is going to do displays at the front of the store in June and then A-frame displays (those standing ones with a sign on top) into July, so they decided to put the book out early. But May 31 is still the pub date everywhere else. Only six more days to go! Also on May 31: my book tour starts. Here’s the tour schedule.

In other book news, Publishers Weekly interviewed me about Keep Holding On. The Reading Fish also posted a new interview. And Keep Holding On is Seventeen‘s book club selection!

After waiting forever and a day, the renovation proposal for my new apartment has finally been approved! Which means my contractor can start working next week! Which means I’ll have things like a floor and a bathroom when I move in on June 28!

You probably thought the work had already started. Yeah, no. We’ve been going back and forth for weeks, submitting paperwork and gathering documents and waiting for people to move things forward. It’s been crazy. Ever since I closed on the apartment on April 9, it’s just been sitting there. Empty and waiting. I’m so happy we can finally start making it my new home.

I was stressting over the delays at first, worrying that the apartment wouldn’t be done in time. But then I thought of the worst case scenario. Thinking of the worst case scenario always helps to gain a more positive perspective. What was the worst case? Oh, that I’d have to live in my current place for one or two more weeks. In the best neighborhood in New York City. Cue the world’s smallest violin. After realizing that the worst case was actually pretty awesome, I calmed down.

What also helped to keep me where the light is was a return trip to Fantini. They’re the Italian designers that make the world’s most gorgeous fixtures. Not that I can afford anything in there. But when my architect and I were at the building ordering the fixtures I actually can afford, we couldn’t resist going in again. I’m like a moth to the Fantini flame. They do these super colorful knobs and faucets that make me happy:

Susane Colasanti at Fantini

Adorable, right? Only the Italians could pull off a design that’s both cute and classy.

Do you get New York Channel 11? If so, you can see me on the morning news on May 31. But I’ll post the video of that segment here for everyone when I have it. I’ll have lots of other fun book release things to share with you next week. See you then!

6 thoughts on “approved

  1. I love that pic with the knobs! It looks like the inside of super hip spaceship or a very colorful candy room that could have been in Willy Wonka’s factory. If I were there I’d have tried my best to align all the knobs so they were perfect lines. Crazy, I know.
    That’s so cool that your books are going to be A-Framed. Is that going to be national? Some Barnes & Nobles in my area actually put those frames in the window (I guess when they can’t come up with a display or something) and I bet that would garner a lot of interest.
    Good luck with the tour and home renovations!

    • Yes, the B&N displays are national. I’m very fortunate that B&N has done national displays of my books ever since Take Me There. Please document the display for me if you see one in a window!

  2. Bummed that I won’t be able to see the cool display for Keep Holding On since there’s no Barnes & Noble here, but super duper happy that the book should arrive at my home sometime next week. Yay!

    Worst case scenario really puts things in perspective. I should remember that when I’m complaining about things that aren’t really that bad.

    Love the Fantini fixtures. I’m a fan of bright, colorful things, too.

    Off topic, but what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Your hair looks great.


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