square one

It’s insanely cool how we can communicate with our favorite authors so easily. All you have to do is Facebook them. Most YA authors are on Twitter. If you wanted to know anything about them or their new book, all you have to do is ask.

Things were way different back in the 80s. That was before we were online. Before social media. Before everyone had a website. Weird, right? Finding out if your fave authors were coming out with new books soon was pretty much impossible. Or even getting to know the simplest things about them. I wrote letters to my fave authors back in high school. Sometimes I’d get a postcard back. That was the most I could hope for. If there had been a way to communicate with S.E. Hinton back in junior high when I was obsessed with The Outsiders, it would have made my life. And now? Susie Hinton is on Twitter. She’s replying to people who tweet her. She even tweeted me twice! Amazing. Just…amazing.

Also amazing is how Susie Hinton was signing 40th Anniversary editions of The Outsiders at a bookstore right near me and I wasn’t able to see her. I wanted to see her again without going all fangirl freakout on her like I did the first time we met. But we’ll meet again. I just know it. At least I got to hear an awesome interview with her on NPR. She was driving around Tulsa, showing areas that influenced the book. She talked about how Ponyboy and Johnny and the other boys are very much a girl’s fantasy. Susie summed things up best when she said:

You’ve got to have the hormones going before you can really appreciate that book.

Speaking of NPR, a big dream of mine was to be interviewed by NPR since I’m such a big fan. I’m stoked to report that my dream has come true! I had my first interview with NPR this week. I believe it will air after Keep Holding On comes out on May 31. Of course I’ll let you know when it will be on. Hoping I didn’t sound like a flippin idiot. In other book news, you can join my Goodreads Q&A group for Keep Holding On. And the same day the book comes out (in two weeks!) is the day my book tour begins. Here’s the tour schedule.

I recently went back to my total body class at the gym for the first time since my surgery. That would be my first surgery (the bootleg one that didn’t work) back in December. So this was my first time lifting and doing abs in five months! Those of you who work out know how quickly all of the progress you make can fall apart if you take some time off from the gym. Reps that were nothing for me are a challenge now. I’m trying not to be frustrated about being back at square one. Square one is the worst when you’re trying to build up something you’ve already had. But conquering square one is the only way to take things to the next level. Then eventually reach your goal. I’m determined to get into even better shape than I was before my time away. This summer is all about working out and being healthy. And leaving square one in the dust.

To all of you at square one, whatever your square one may be: Square one is temporary. Do not be afraid to take those first steps. We’re in this together. Let’s do this thing. Oh, and if your square one has to do with finals, Academic Coach Taylor is here to help you.

Academic Coach Taylor

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