fifth annual ginormous contest

Keep Holding On comes out in two weeks! You know what that means.

It’s time for my Fifth Annual Ginormous Contest. And yay, it’s international! Anyone can enter!

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti

My goal in writing any book is to reach out to readers and help them feel less alone. With Keep Holding On, I felt that goal was even more important. This book focuses on the consequences of bullying. It deals with heavy topics such as neglect and suicide. The story was inspired by my own experiences being bullied as a teen. I know what it’s like to be in survival mode, when every minute feels like a year and hope is the only thing that keeps you holding on. That’s why this year’s Ginormous Contest theme is hope.

To enter this contest, create an image with text that will inspire others to hope. Your image should motivate others to stay strong and never give up.

Here’s an example I found online for the So Much Closer paperback release. Although it’s not quite right for this contest, the way the text and image work together evokes a strong feeling of longing and desire for connection:

So Much Closer

Your entry should use text and an image (or images) to inspire hope in anyone who sees it.


1. First prize – a signed hardcover of Keep Holding On, plus signed paperbacks of So Much Closer and Something Like Fate
2. Second prize – a signed hardcover of Keep Holding On and a signed paperback of So Much Closer
3. Third prize –  a signed hardcover of Keep Holding On

To enter:

1. Create an image with text that will inspire others to hope. You may use an existing image as long as you make it original in some way (e.g. changing colors, adding design elements). The text may be a quote or your own message.

2. Email your entry to me at susanecolasanti[at]gmail[dot]com. Please include your full name and mailing address with your entry.


Entries must be received by Friday, May 25 at 11:11 pm.

Let the hope begin!


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