where the light is

Congrats to the winners of my So Much Closer paperback contest, Alicia Marie E. and Christina F.! And congrats to last week’s warm fuzzy Twitter giveaway winner, Kendall F. I have one more big contest coming up where you can win signed Keep Holding On hardcovers. So please check back for my Fifth Annual Ginormous Contest next week. And good news – it’s international!

You guys. Keep Holding On comes out on May 31. Which is in three weeks. Which is so freaking exciting after waiting forever for it to come out. But it’s also making me a bit stressed. I’m always stressed before a book release, worrying about how it’s going to do and if my readers will like it. My publicist has been working really hard to help Keep Holding On hit the New York Times list. So that’s adding to many late nights of noisy brain. I just want this book to reach as many teens as possible, and hitting the list is an excellent way to increase exposure. Regular readers of this blog know I’m all about dreaming big. And that creative visualization is an important part of my life. I’ve been visualizing Keep Holding On at #9 on the list. We shall see!

More reviews of Keep Holding On are up. Mundie Moms said, “This story totally broke my heart, bothered me to no end because of some of the things that happen in this book, moved me to tears, and left me feeling hopeful for Noelle. This story is an eye opener. It’s one that will move readers as much as it will inspire them.” In her beautifully written reflection, The Reviews News said, “I was addicted and terrified of Susane’s words. They crippled and crushed and dared me to hope. They were so real I could barely stand it.” Thanks for your sweet words, ladies. I’m touched.

You might be wondering what’s going on with the apartment I bought last month. The short answer is: lots of planning. My new floors and tiles have arrived. I’m ordering fixtures for the bathroom and kitchen tomorrow. The walk-in closets and built-ins have been designed. This will be an almost complete gut renovation. I’m more than ready for my contractor (the one who looks exactly like Zach Braff) to start ripping everything out! But there’s all this paperwork that has to be submitted. And waiting. And more waiting. When the waiting ends and the work begins (next week? please?) I will be sharing the progress with you. And of course before and after pics when the apartment is done. For the record, I am moving on June 28 whether the work is done or not. Hoping that I’ll have some floors to walk on by then.

Between apartment stuff and new book release stuff and deadline stuff, there’s been a decent amount of anxiety flying around. But what I realize is that all of this stuff is exciting stuff. I’m thankful every day for this life, for the chance to live in my favorite city and the opportunity to write books for you. Being thankful keeps me where the light is.

A lot of amazing things are happening. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

4 thoughts on “where the light is

  1. we’re going through renovations too actually! or no, we’re remodeling. they’re like frickin demolishing 1/3 of the house and rebuilding/expanding. my parents are searching for condos to lease out meanwhile….but i’ll finally FINALLY be getting a bathroom for myself WOO WOOT! despite the hassle, it’ll be worth it, yeah?


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