After waiting forever, I’m so happy that Keep Holding On is coming out this month! We don’t have to keep holding on much longer until May 31 is here.

Pub month will bring lots of exciting things to share with you, like a behind the scenes feature about the cover photo shoot. The guy model contacted me a while ago. I’m hoping that he’ll share some memories of that day with us. A video, playlist, and my Fifth Annual Ginormous Contest are all coming up. I’ll also be posting my book tour schedule soon, so please check back next week for that.

For now, here’s a new review of Keep Holding On, in which Natalie says, “Meeting characters like Noelle make me believe again that I should keep holding on and never give up. That I’m not alone.” And here’s an interview with me at Meet the Author.

Since Keep Holding On is my most personal book yet, I wanted to share the dedication page with you. My goal for this book is to have it reach out to as many teens in need as possible. I want this book to help my readers feel less alone. And to know that they have the power to make their lives better. Starting now.

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti dedication

Keep breathing…