warm fuzzy

How stoked am I that So Much Closer comes out in paperback tomorrow? On May Day? Which is my birthday? I’m very fortunate that my books tend to be released around my birthday. Having a paperback release on my birthday will just make tomorrow even sweeter.

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti paperbacks

This is the last week to win a signed copy of So Much Closer on Twitter. Congrats to last week’s winner, Moira E.! Your hashtag to enter the giveaway this week is #warmfuzzy. Just tweet a warm fuzzy using #warmfuzzy to enter.

Warm fuzzies are an important part of So Much Closer. A warm fuzzy is a note you give someone to make them feel good. They’re supposed to be written on pretty paper with glitter pens and sequins and things, but virtual warm fuzzies also rock. Sadie loves giving out warm fuzzies in the book. She’s all about random acts of kindness. At first, Brooke thinks warm fuzzies are dorky. But she later realizes they are dorktastic. Warm fuzzies have the power to turn someone’s day around. Warm fuzzies make the world a better place. So let’s get together and tweet some warm fuzzies! They can be messages for everyone in general or for someone special. They can be original messages or quotes you like. Anything to brighten up someone’s day will do.

I’m also stoked that Keep Holding On will be out four weeks from now. May 31 is almost here! Melissa Walker just posted a Cover StoryThis Blonde Reads reviewed the book. And this review comes all the way from the Netherlands. Thanks to all of you who have read ARCs and shared your enthusiasm for the book. I really appreciate your early support!

May Day is a European holiday. I wish we celebrated it here. There are maypoles and May baskets and it just looks like such a fun springtime celebration. I would like to dance around a maypole. They have pretty ribbons.


But hey. May Day is my birthday. So I might just go up to Central Park, make my own maypole, and invite a bunch of friends to come dance with me. That would be an epic birthday in a year of epic wishes coming true 🙂

6 thoughts on “warm fuzzy

  1. Happy early birthday! Do you know if you can see our hashtags if our Twitter is private but we are following you? I never knew if that was possible!

  2. Happy birthday, Susane! Hope you have a wonderful day! I recently sent you something, and it should arrive today or tomorrow at the Penguin office! 🙂


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