behind the scenes

To celebrate the May 1 release of So Much Closer in paperback, I wanted to share some pics from the cover photo shoot. The models’ faces on my book covers are mostly hidden. Which always makes me wonder what they look like. I’ve seen head shots of models from the last three photo shoots and none of them look like I imagined. You can see pics from the hardcover photo shoot plus head shots here.

Jayd Gardina is the outstanding photographer who took these photos. She selected some beautiful locations around my neighborhood (the West Village, where the book takes place). I really admire her work. Jayd also did the cover photo for Keep Holding On. Her photos make me happy. She just has this way of perfectly capturing the tone of my books.

Here’s a sweet photo taken at the location that ultimately ended up on the cover, Hudson River Park:

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti paperback photo shoot

This photo is beyond adorable. And I seriously want that umbrella. The funny thing about the umbrella is that it was the kind I wanted on the cover. The cover is super cute, but I’m not crazy about the zigzag umbrella. It just looks like something a mom might pick up at Filene’s. How sad is it that Filene’s went out of business? They had one of the best juniors sections. Freaking tragic. Anyway, when I saw the initial cover design I asked for the umbrella to be changed to a vinyl one with a younger look. I had no idea they’d used the exact one I wanted! Also interesting – the girl model’s dress color was changed to green. I guess there was too much blue with the boy’s shirt and the water. The clouds and the buildings were blurred to give the background a softer look:

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

Could I possibly love this photo any more?

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti paperback photo shoot

No, I could not. This would have made an excellent cover. I think the photo that was selected for the cover is the best one, but that decision must have been hard to make. This shot was also taken in Hudson River Park. In So Much Closer, Brooke likes to go to the river and look across the water to New Jersey, where she’s from. It’s her way of appreciating how far she’s come while still connecting with her past. And it’s a ritual I share with Brooke. Which is why this photo speaks to me.

You can sort of see the models’ faces here:

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti paperback photo shoot

Again, I was totally picturing them differently! This photo makes me wonder what the designers would have put on the book cover if they ended up using this shot. There’s no way we could show so much of their faces, though. Imagination is the best part.

What I love about this photo is how well it captures the magic of the West Village:

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti paperback photo shoot

This one manages to be cute, edgy, classic, and romantic all at once. Which is what my neighborhood is all about. It would have made a gorgeous cover. The main reason the paperback edition got a shiny new cover is that the hardcover was too street. So I guess this would have been too much of an urban vibe. Love.

Thanks to Jayd Gardina for a gorgeous cover. And thanks to my paperback editor, Kristin, for sharing this fun look behind the scenes!

14 thoughts on “behind the scenes

  1. Oooo I so enjoy these kinds of posts! Love seeing the evolution of covers. And how much do I love the polka dot rainboots? THIS MUCH!!

    It is SO SAD that Filene’s went out of business. Now we have these HUGE spaces here with nothing filling them. 😦 At least we still have Nordstrom Rack though.

    • As I was trying to soothe myself when Filene’s closed, I went over to Nordstrom Rack. They didn’t even have a juniors section! I’d have to go to a bigger location or look online. And juniors isn’t even called juniors anymore. It’s “young contemporary” and it sucks. Daffy’s used to have an excellent juniors section, but they changed, too. Everything’s lame now.

      *grumbles over lack of places left to shop*

      I think those are raindrops on her boots. How cute is that?

  2. I think i like the rain boots on the cover than the ones that are in the pictures. But i agree i love love love the first picture maybe move the people closer up but thats about it:)

  3. Very cool! So interesting to see the shots that didn’t end up being used. I still find it funny that the hardcover was considered “too street.” 😛

    Are the models on the paperback different from the ones on the hardcover?

    • No, I never even know that they’re happening! The funny thing about the hardcover So Much Closer shoot is that I was actually at the High Line earlier that day. I probably missed them by an hour.


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