david duchovny on my block

Um. Is that me with David Duchovny? Yes IT SO IS.

Susane Colasanti and David Duchovny

David Duchovny was filming Californication on my street all day Friday and Saturday. Right outside my door. For reals. David even had to move out of my way one time so I could go home. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When I saw the signs posted before they started shooting, I was hoping it wouldn’t be a repeat of a certain other boy on my block who may or may not have even been on my block. This was the total opposite. The Californication shoot took over my entire street. A huge crew, cameras, lighting, cranes, trucks, and tons of equipment filled my street for two days. Trailers and craft service tables were around the corner. I’ve always wondered about craft service tables on the street. Like, what stops people from walking by and snatching food?

On the first day of filming, a huge crowd of fans gathered across the street from my building. I ran over to join them. David was chilling under a little VIP tent set up with chairs and monitors. I made friends with a few guys on the crew who told me that David was directing this ep. We watched him consulting in a directory way.Β It was kind of awkward with all of us staring at David while he talked to his crew and stood around under his tent:

David Duchovny filming Californication in the West Village

But then the most amazing thing happened. David walked right over to us! My friend Stefanie and I were standing at the front of the crowd, bonding over our love of all things DD. He walked up to us and smiled.

David Duchovny filming Californication in the West Village

Crowd: [stunned silence]
David: Is anyone going to say anything?
Crowd: [stunned silence]
Me: Will you take pictures with us, David?
David: Yeah, sure, get in here.

And that’s how I was able to document my ten seconds of pressing up against David Duchovny. Not that this was the first time. I’ve met David before along with a bunch of Santas. But this time was so much better. Even when Stefanie and I proceeded to freak out that we didn’t have something brilliant ready to say when David asked if we were going to say anything. We’re two writers, for freak’s sake. Two writers couldn’t come up with anything?! This was my third time seeing David and I’m a complete idiot every time. We were in full regret mode.

Then we got over ourselves. Because we were allowed anywhere on my street since I live here. Everyone else was herded into these sections or had to cross the street or walk around. But we could watch all of the action right from my stoop! Just one of the many reasons I pay insane rent.

We watched for a few hours on Friday. They did the same shot over and over. David and this girl walked down some stairs, then they walked along the street. They stopped and she loped around him in this sexy circle. Then they stared at each other. Not sure what was going on, though. I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying even though I was only a few feet away. Before each take, a water truck would drive down the street and spray water everywhere. My building is the one with the awning on the left. Good thing I wasn’t sitting on my stoop then – the truck sprayed my whole door:

Water truck for Californication filming

Have you ever noticed in shows and movies that outside city scenes usually show wet streets? I think it’s because wet streets at night look more beautiful, the way they reflect light and all. Also, the crew was afraid it was going to rain (it never did). The street would obviously have to look the same during both days of shooting. The two days of shooting will amount to about two minutes of scenes on the show. The amount of resources that went into those two minutes is astounding. There was a crew of at least 50 people. I can’t imagine how expensive those two minutes were.

The crew was pushing everyone farther down the block after a few takes. The guy in charge of handling the crowd told us that when he said they’re rolling, we had to be super quiet. No flashes or shutter clicking allowed. But the paparazzi ignored all that and we got in trouble. So Stefanie and I went to my building to watch the next take. When David and the girl walked down the street, they stopped close to my door. We’d be able to see everything! We hid in my doorway, stealth style. I was shaking when I took this:

Californication shoot, West Village

At about 7:00 they set up the VIP tent right outside my door. David was leaning against my building’s railing. You guys. His butt was on my railing. Since he was, like, right there, I decided to take a chance and talk to him. Maybe something brilliant would materialize.

Me: Thanks for being so nice to us, David.
David: Oh, you’re welcome.

That’s the best I could come up with? Really?!

They were still shooting the same scene they were shooting all day. The cameras let in different amounts of light, so it didn’t matter that it was getting dark. I think it will end up looking like dusk on the show. It was weird to come up to my apartment and try to act normal when David Duchovny was still right outside. But at some point you have to break away.

The next day, I promised myself I wouldn’t stalk the shoot again. Maybe I would just go down for an hour. I was really behind on work and had errands to run. Ha! I left at 3:00 for Staples. And guess who was chilling in his little tent right outside my door? David Duchovny outside my door had become like a thing. Of course I called my friend Stefanie as soon as I got home to come over. Watching was like a drug. We were hooked.Β We ended up watching for another four hours. It was just too hard to leave when we could sit on my stoop and watch Hollywood in action.

I came down when Stefanie buzzed me. But we were trapped in my doorway. Because they were shooting the same scene with David and the girl walking down the street…and this time they stopped right in front of my building. We were frozen in awe. Just a few feet in front of us was the action. We didn’t want to distract David. And it would have been disrespectful to whip out a camera. But let me just tell you it was one of the most intense moments EVER. Here’s the blue mark where they were standing, taken from my doorway:

The final mark

Then Natascha showed up! Word on the street was that they were filming a flashback scene from 1992. They did two scenes: one with Karen yelling down to Hank from her window and another with them walking down the street and getting in a fight. The only thing I could hear was when Karen yelled, “Oh, and by the way?” I was like, “By the way what? By the way what?!” Here’s Karen yelling down at Hank:

Natascha McElhone filming Californication in the West Village

You can see hundreds of profesh pics from the shoot here.

The really cool thing? Is that I tweeted Friday morning how I was determined to make the day shine. Thursday wasn’t the best day for me and I was in desperate need of some happy times. My tweet that morning was:

Yesterday’s suck factor is why today HAS to be better. Not sure how yet. But I am determined to make today shine. #keepholdingon #dreambig

And look how the day exceeded my wildest expectations. Dream big, everyone!

20 thoughts on “david duchovny on my block

  1. I love that your life is so awesome. You embrace the awesomeness and embody it. πŸ™‚ It’s always fun to read your blog.

    I trust that you’re all healed up, then?

    I’m glad you had a great time. πŸ™‚

    • I think I get crazy excited about the awesome parts because they make up for all the parts of my life that are NOT awesome!

      Not sure how healed I am yet. My post-op appointment is on my birthday (May Day). When they were scheduling it I was bummed about going to the doctor’s on my birthday. But now I’m like, she’ll give me good news that I’m recovered and it will be the best birthday ever πŸ™‚

  2. That is soooo cool!!! I would’ve been doing the exact same thing as you, stalking him like that. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. As someone who appreciates celebrity news, I love reading about these kinds of sightings. You sound like someone with whom I’d enjoy watching celebs in action.

    Hope you receive good news on your birthday! πŸ™‚

  4. gah! so cool! haha so chill in your pic, you look like you encounter celebrities on a regular basis. way awesome.

    • You know what? The more celebs and author rock stars I meet, the calmer I become. I burst out crying years ago when I met S.E. Hinton. Same with Garrison Keillor. But now I can actually meet Steve Martin and Jon Stewart and Kiefer Sutherland and not freak out completely. I mean, I still freak out. Just not completely.

  5. That was classic. Props for speaking up when everyone else was scared. If you keep running into him like that, they are going to have to give you a part in the show. I mean he plays a writer and you ARE a writer. Match made in Hollywood heaven!

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