the knowing

I am happy to report that the evil fibroid is GONE! This was my first official hospital surgery in a serious OR. It was like Grey’s Anatomy, minus McDreamy. Even though I was terrified, I was so in awe to actually be in a real OR – as the patient! – that my fascination weirdly mellowed me out. Well, that and the anesthesia. I don’t remember what happened right before or right after surgery, but I do remember having a crazy laughing fit in the recovery room at one point. Everything was beyond hilarious for like 10 minutes. Or maybe it was 30 minutes. Let’s just say my friend Joe got sprayed with cracker crumbs more than once. Which of course made everything even funnier.

My new doctor really is the best. Her team ruled all others. This surgery was completely different from the first try back in December (which was an in-office procedure). No wonder it didn’t work before. Last time was like Ghetto Doctors R Us. This time I went in for pre-op the week before, I spoke with the anesthesiologists and my doctor right before the surgery, and they ran all kinds of tests. None of that happened the first time. Plus all of the nurses were extremely caring and wonderful. They even gave me ginger ale and crackers in recovery. Last time my friend Elizabeth had to go out to the grocery store. How lame was that?

So yeah, last week was wild. I closed on my apartment last Monday. Took the evil fibroid down last Thursday. And of course I’m on deadline. Doing all of these things at once? Is not recommended. But that’s the thing about life. We can’t control everything. We just need to stay strong and fight on.

We’re getting so much closer to the So Much Closer paperback release on May 1. Congrats to last week’s Twitter giveaway winner, Danielle M.! This week’s hashtag is #theknowing. The Knowing is a big part of Brooke’s life in So Much Closer. It’s been a big part of my life, too. There have been some things I’ve known with absolute certainty. The Knowing is not logical. The Knowing usually involves dreaming big. Like when I had the Knowing that my first book would be published way before I signed the contract, despite haters telling me it would never happen. Or the Knowing back when I was in high school that New York City would be my true home one day. What do you have the Knowing about? To enter this week’s giveaway, follow me on Twitter and tweet one thing you know with unshakable clarity using #theknowing. Complete giveaway info is here. The winner will be announced on April 23.


8 thoughts on “the knowing

  1. ghetto doctors r us? haha that’s frickin great!
    anyway, crossing my fingers for your speedy recovery! you rock, susane! you’re way brave.

  2. So happy to hear that you said sayonara to the fibroid. I’m glad the nurses were so nice and gave you ginger ale and crackers. It’s little things like that that make a difference.

    I can’t wait to read So Much Closer. I waited for the paperback because of the bonus material.

  3. WOW! i could never get through surgery like that! Life can be sooo hard at times, and u are just willing to get through it!
    CANNOT WAIT for ur next book “So Much Closer” 😀

    • You totally could get through surgery like that – and you WOULD! You’d be surprised to discover how strong you are when life challenges you to bring it. That’s why painful experiences always have a positive side. They make us stronger 🙂


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