MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Keep Holding On will be released on May 31! Which means we have less than two months to hold on for Keep Holding On! I’m so happy about this change of pub date (which was originally June 14). Why the pub date change? Well, that’s even more exciting news. Barnes & Noble will be doing front-of-store displays for Keep Holding On! My book will get to play with the grownup books. And have lunch at the cool table. Yet another way my books live out my teenage fantasies.

More good news: Keep Holding On is now available on NetGalley. Interested bloggers/librarians/educators/media may request away!

The good news doesn’t stop there. This Monday, I will be closing on my apartment. I will officially be a homeowner. Of course I’m beyond excited. But there’s also this sense of calm clarity. When you’ve been visualizing something for so long (i.e. 16 years) and wishing and hoping and working towards it every day, it’s no surprise when that dream becomes reality. I’m so thankful that this big dream is finally coming true. Oh, and did I mention that my co-op board approval came exactly two months from the day I first saw the apartment? You know I love a good non-coincidence. It’s fate.

Technically, I could move into my new place on Monday. But first we’re doing renovations. After I told you a bit about the renovations, I selected new floors and tiles. The floors are a gorgeous European oak. The bathroom tiles are glossy white. I’ve been visualizing a glossy white bathroom for years. With a big mirror instead of a medicine cabinet and a sink vanity with three drawers and those Fantini faucets (which I probably can’t afford, but you know I love to dream big) and I am so. freaking. excited. The renovations will take a while. So my moving day is July 1. Wow. That will be a happy day. I mean, it won’t be easy to part with my downstairs neighbor who snores so loudly he wakes me up, but I think I’ll manage. And I think I’ll leave my earplugs behind as a little housewarming gift for the next tenant.

Today is also a happy day. Not just because of all the good news. My editors and I met this morning to discuss revisions for my new book. I think we have a title…unless we come up with something brilliant in the next few weeks. This will be my seventh book. I’m guessing that it will be out in May 2013. I have to laugh – even when my books are initially assigned June or July pub dates, they always end up coming out in May. Plus summer is a big part of this new book and summer reading is usually released in May. So we’ll see how it goes.

For now, I have to start revising this manuscript. And planning Keep Holding On events. I’m hoping to post a book tour schedule by the end of this month. Also, So Much Closer comes out in paperback on May 1, which will be a sweet birthday treat. I’ll be doing fun So Much Closer giveaways on Twitter all month, plus a contest here on my blog.

A lot will be happening in April and May…please stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “closing

  1. Congrats (again)! So excited for you. We have the large-mirror-no-medicine-cabinet in our (decidedly not NY) home. Definitely cool. And of course an earlier release date is always a good thing!

    • Oooh, you’re fancy with the big mirror! As I am not fancy, my architect was the one to come up with that concept. Those big bathroom mirrors always look so elegant. Guess this means I’m a grownup now 🙂

  2. Your blog entries always make me feel happy and hopeful. Thanks for that, and I’m sending good thoughts your way that the sucky thing in your life goes away soon! Shoo, sucky thing, shoo!

  3. Wow 16 years. That’s amazing! I really like the idea of leaving a housewarming gift for the next resident. I’m sure you’ll also leave some positive thoughts there too.
    Is it safe to leave behind your earplugs for someone else to use? I don’t mean safe as in hazardous-proof, but isn’t that kind of gross to leave something in your ear behind to share?
    Also, you can have an apartment AND be a homeowner? I always thought apartments were all rent.
    I learn something new everyday.

    • Oh, I would only leave behind a new box of earplugs!

      You can either own or rent apartments. Unless you’re a gazillionaire, being a homeowner in downtown Manhattan means you own an apartment, not a whole house. The brownstones here are sold for tens of millions.


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