keep holding on excerpt

Dude. I’m getting super excited for Keep Holding On. I finished the whole writing/revision/copyediting process last summer, which seems like forever ago. But soon it will be June 14 and Keep Holding On will be out in the world.

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti

For now, you can read the first chapter on my website.

I hope you enjoy it!


6 thoughts on “keep holding on excerpt

  1. Oh man, the excerpt confirms that this book will tug on my heartstrings. I want to give Noelle a big hug. The description of her lettuce sandwich and the mean comment about it made me want to cry. 😦 Did something like that happen to you in high school? Glad that despite all that Noelle has to endure, she will also experience some happiness in Keep Holding On.

  2. Oh wow. I really want Keep Holding On, so that I can read about Noelle feeling better. Thanks, Susane. xoxo
    Can’t wait till June. 🙂


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