happy spring

Yay, spring is officially in the house! I was going to post on March 20, aka the vernal equinox, aka the Best Day Ever, but I was too busy with outdoor funtivities. I look forward to the vernal equinox more than any other day all year. This was the first one I can remember where it actually felt like spring on the first day of spring. Spring usually arrives along with crazy low temperatures or a snowstorm. I am just SO happy with this gorgeous spring week.

And can I just say the vernal equinox Google Doodle was the most adorable I’d ever seen?

Google Doodle for the 2012 vernal equinox

Other exciting things have been happening. I went to a new eye doctor who referred me to a specialist. Guess what the specialist said? I’ve been walking around with the wrong glasses/contacts prescription for, oh, four years. Without glasses, I can only see a few inches in front of me clearly. Plus I have astigmatism in both eyes. Which is a problem when I wear regular contacts. The astigmatism means that different parts of my eye have slight variations in vision. Dr. Amazing fitted me for the right contacts – different prescriptions, designed for astigmatism – and I can totally tell the difference. My contacts are actually comfortable! The computer screen isn’t blurry! I don’t get dizzy in Zumba when we do fast spins anymore! It’s a springtime miracle.

As if all that wasn’t exciting enough, there was a cute guy looking at frames at the same time I was. We totally bonded over eye-related freakouts. Like how I can’t stand the air puff thing and how it took me forever to be able to put in contacts. He’s the same way! It was such a good day all around. You know those smooth days when everything seems to fall into place? It was 71 degrees, I was outside all afternoon in a tee, and City Bakery finally had their elusive peanut butter cookies. I’ve lived here for 16 years and that was the first time I got to try their legendary peanut butter cookies because they always run out. It was just one of those days when the Universe made sure everything came together.

My new glasses will take a bit longer to get used to. My current frames have a sneaky little crack you can hardly see. The crack makes it impossible for the frames to take new lenses. Which means I have to give up these frames I love so much. These frames that have seen me through many book drafts and events and concerts and amazing New York experiences. I just have to take a deep breath, select new frames, and move on. Which was traumatic to hear at first. Change is often traumatic, but I’m working on welcoming all change the Universe brings instead of fighting it.

Have you entered my Facebook giveaway to win an ARC of Keep Holding On yet? Today’s the last day. Just like my Facebook fan page, then comment in the giveaway thread with one thing you will do this spring to make the world a better place.

A certain movie coming out today is already making the world a better place. I’ll be attempting (unsuccessfully, I’m sure) to avoid Hunger Games crowds by seeing the movie this Sunday instead of tonight. Whichever day you’re going and whatever you’re doing over this gorgeous spring weekend, may the odds be ever in your favor.


4 thoughts on “happy spring

  1. I love how cute and fashionable glasses are nowadays. When I was growing up, I wore unattractive, thick plastic frames. Currently, I wear contacts during the day and glasses right before bedtime because some of the bottom lashes on my left eye point inward toward my eyeball, so my contacts prevent my lashes from scraping against my eye. Strange, I know. Too bad they don’t have eyelash curlers for bottom lashes. If I didn’t have my eyelash problem, I think I’d be rocking cool glasses more often.

    I wish the weather in SF were warmer. It wasn’t too bad today, but it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow and on Sunday. I’m tired of the rain, but thankful that spring is here, which means we are that much closer to summer!

    • The forecast says we’re going to have some rainy days coming up, too. Plus temperatures in the 50s. Which is really sweet for this time of year, but feels cold since we’ve been so spoiled this winter. I’m with you – it’s officially spring, so nothing else matters! Happy times 😀

  2. awesome! glad that your day was awesome.
    my week was filled with tests and crap, but luckily i only have to endure through 1 more week before spring break yeayuh!


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