Good news! I’ve submitted my new book to my editors. This is mainly just good news for me, as it means that I get a week or so off while they read it. Then I’ll go in for a meeting to discuss revisions. Until then, I have some time to catch up on everything that gets put aside while racing the clock to meet a deadline. Plus I’ll get to enjoy a whole week of temperatures in the 60s. In the winter! This winter has been such a gift. It’s a good thing I’ve been documenting it here. I never want to forget the way Mild February made me almost like winter. So yeah, it will be a good break to switch gears and focus on things other than writing for a little while. Like my new apartment.

In case you missed the billboard I rented about it, I bought an apartment here in downtown Manhattan. It was my dream for, like, ever. I found it at the end of January, signed contracts in February, and now the co-op board is reviewing my application package. They should be setting my interview date soon. After I have board approval, we can start renovations. Let’s hope the board approves of true love. That’s what me and my new BF (aka apartment) have.

Planning the renovations has been ridiculously fun. My architect and I took a field trip to the Architects & Designers Building, which has many showrooms featuring appliances, fixtures, tiles, and furniture. I have been psyched out of my mind to start selecting fixtures. There’s something about getting to choose the exact kitchen faucets and towel racks and drawer pulls and doorknobs I want that makes me giddy. Fixtures are my drug of choice.

But first, I had to select my Sub-Zero:

Sub-Zero, aka My Destiny

That’s my guy on the right. The whole freezer drawers thing looks so fancy. Actually, the whole freezer thing is fancy, given that I haven’t had a freezer for the nine years I’ve been living in my current place. Ah, the sacrifices we make for location. The first thing I shall put in my new freezer will be a box of old-school popsicles. It will be epic.

After visiting Sub-Zero (and also Smeg…

Adorable Smeg refrigerators

…those refrigerators are adorbs, but I had to stay strong), it was time for fixtures. We had no idea what we were about to discover.

Fantini showroom at the A&D Building

Discovering Fantini blew our minds. First off, I should explain that my architect and I have the same taste. We’re both into minimalist streamlining with clean, smooth lines. So it’s no surprise that we love the Italian designers. Look at all those fun colored knobs when you go in! I’m into the sleek, polished chrome look, but they were so freaking cute.

We did not want to leave. I wanted every single Fantini faucet I saw. Like these:

Fantini faucet. WANT.     Fantini faucet. Also WANT.

Let me tell you something. Fantini fixtures are the most gorgeous fixtures in the history of fixtures. No question. Each one is a work of art. And if I could afford them, the search would be over. Yeah, they’re kind of pricey. But hey, a girl can dream, and you know I dream big! Like when I announced that this would be my new shower:

Fantini shower

Water comes out of those holes on the left. Cool, right?

Now that Fantini has shown me exactly which fixtures I want, I can move on to things like furniture. I am happy to report that I’ve found my new couch. This will be my very first grownup couch! Where more than two people can sit! We’re talking 11.5-foot sectional, coffee table, the works. I’d been dreaming of a big, puffy couch my whole New York life. So I decided to go all the way. When I arrived at the couch store and said, “I’ve come for the Big Kahuna,” it sounded like a line from a movie. But it was real life. And now I have a really big couch! Puffy. My look is all white walls with pops of color. The couch is bright red in a soft microfiber. It’s going to be beautiful. And have I mentioned puffy?

One last thing about Fantini. Leaving that showroom was not easy. But I have a Knowing that I’ll be back. Dreaming big is the first step in turning your dreams into reality. Let’s turn our wishes into fixtures together. Dream big, everyone!

15 thoughts on “fixtures

  1. Those SMEG fridges are the business!! Holy wow.
    And you haven’t had a freezer in nine years! I suppose that teaches you to each more fresh foods then, huh?

    I’m so glad you’re having fun with this!

  2. Years and years from now, when I’m searching for my own dream apartment/soulhouse, I hope that I have even slightly the passion and luck that you do.

  3. I’m so happy for you, Susane! If I had a cool new apartment to decorate, I’d be all over fixtures and fridges, too (am coveting the Sub-Zero that’s soon to be yours). I’m so glad you’ll finally have a freezer. Now you can stock up on Quorn products. 😛 Do you have a picture of your new grownup couch?

    Love your reminder that dreaming big is the first step in turning dreams into reality. 🙂

    • Cannot WAIT to stock up on the Quorn! My new place is only a few blocks from Whole Foods. It will be epic.

      I’m planning to post before and after pics here after the renovations are done. I will def share my grownup couch then 🙂

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