justin timberlake on my block

One cool thing about living in the West Village is getting to see lots of movies and TV shows being filmed in the nabe. Particularly when you’re a fan of whatever’s filming. So when I heard that the Coen Brothers were filming their new movie right on my block, I was stoked. Not only because I love Fargo and The Big Lebowski. But because Justin Timberlake is in this new movie they’re filming. And one of the filming locations was my block.

I live on a tiny street that’s only one block long. So when I tell you that Justin Timberlake was on my block, I don’t mean he was all the way down there somewhere. I mean he was right outside my freaking DOOR.

Or was he?

This memo was posted on every building on my street:

Coen Brothers filming notice for Inside Llewyn Davis

Of course I immediately Googled Inside Llewyn Davis to find out who was in it. That’s when I started freaking out about Justin Timberlake. Because how can you not love JT? The movie is about a group of folk musicians in early 1960s Greenwich Village. Such a perfect role for JT. My plan was to casually run into him. When I tweeted about that, I immediately received a request to casually run into him and report back on how hard his abs were and what he smelled like.

You know I am down with such requests.

On March 1, I found excuses to leave my apartment several times during the scheduled shoot when I should have been working. No one was out there. My friend Mitali told me that they were filming at NYU. And that JT was in the park! Which was so freaking annoying since NYU is just a few blocks away and I was working the whole time and didn’t even know. Cry me a river. I was determined to be more vigilant the next day.

When I left to do “errands” on March 2, my entire block was coned off. And these vintage cars were parked across the street in front of Caffe Vivaldi:

Vintage cars used during the filming of Inside Llewyn Davis

People were walking by and taking pictures of the cars. My neighbor told me that they were filming over at Caffe Reggio. It totally makes sense that they would be filming at Caffe Vivaldi and Caffe Reggio. Those cafes have been around forever and live music has been a big part of their history. I darted over to Reggio like a ninja. They were setting up to film inside. The windows were covered, so I couldn’t see if JT was in the house. One of the assistants said they should be filming on my block later.

Check out the craft service tables around the corner:

Inside Llewyn Davis craft service tables

See those wheelbarrows on the left? They were filled with fake snow, which was spread around outside Caffe Reggio. I find these details to be fascinating.

When I left later that night for an actual errand, they were towing the cars away. I never knew there was an actual company called Cars for Films:

Inside Llewyn Davis cars

An assistant told me that they might reschedule the shoot. He wasn’t sure. But they were filming right now at Reggio! I darted over again, ninja style. And yes, they were totally filming:

Inside Llewyn Davis filming at Caffe Reggio

You’re probably wondering when exactly Justin Timberlake was on my block. Actually? I don’t know if he was for sure. But I will def keep you posted the second that changes. And let you know how hard his abs were, of course.

8 thoughts on “justin timberlake on my block

  1. That’s pretty awesome! Definitely do keep us apprised of JT’s whereabouts 🙂 I see John Goodman and Carey Mulligan are in that too.


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