happy things

When was the last time February had me smiling all month? Never, that’s when. February is usually the month I am in full hunker down, focusing on work and avoiding winter as much as possible. But not this February. This February has been warm and welcoming. It does not bite your head off the second you go outside. It does not freeze you so horrifically that your teeth are numb. My meteorologist side is thankful for three main factors joining together to create a mild winter (La Nina, the North Atlantic oscillation, and normal temperature variations against the backdrop of global warming; note: I am not thankful for global warming).  My soul is thankful for open windows and refreshing breezes.

So yay. However, it is still February. Which means I am still resorting to my typical coping mechanism of focusing on happy things to get me to spring. Here are some recent ones:

StreetEasy emailed me a listing update about an apartment going into contract. Dude. It was my apartment! It was MY CONTRACT! I cannot tell you how long I’ve been waiting for that email. Actually, I can. Sixteen years. I’ve wanted to own an apartment here since day one. Stoked out of my mind.

Demetri Martin had a live taping for his upcoming Comedy Central special and I got to go! It was my third time seeing Demetri (aka Funniest Person in the World). He brought his Large Pad. He brought his harmonica. I was a happy unit.

This springlike weather has inspired mourning doves to hang out. I heard the first one hooing a few weeks ago. I’ve always had thing for mourning doves.

“Man or Muppet” is up for an Oscar this weekend. Plus I heard that Kermit and Miss Piggy will be presenting. I would totally be inviting myself over to a friend’s to hog their TV right about now, but I’m going to be in San Antonio for LibraryPalooza this weekend. “Man or Muppet” (aka the best song from The Muppets) gives me chills every time I hear it. Fellow Flight of the Conchords fans will appreciate that “Man or Muppet” was written by Bret McKenzie. Check it out:

Thinking about movies reminds me that The Hunger Games comes out one month from today. March 23 has been burning a hole in my day planner. I can’t wait to see how – OMG. A mourning dove just started hooing. It’s totally a sign. 2012 continues to bring the happy things. Enjoy them 🙂